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emo-tional (solar powered killing sheep!)

Member #30482 created: 2005-10-12 09:56:27Simple URL:   

Name: special in a retarded way


me and my swing ¬_¬


me and my guitar

Elfpack titles and orders
Crazy kid


me and my guitar [<333]

Look @me

wanna [make-out.]with me?

hmmmmm... i [bet.] you do

my names sam - hear me [!Rawr!]

the bands i like are:
Marillyn Manson
System of a down
my chemical romance
snow patrol
theres more i just can't be arsed to put them down lol

i dont always use correct grammer - get [ used ] to it

sometimes i'm [nice.] sometimes i'm [not.] get [ over ] it!

rules of messaging ME

1)I do NOT cyber so please don't ask
2) I neva slag people off so if ure just gonna mesage me to slag sum1 off - don't[bother.]
3) if u want to bully. me go ahead. i wont stop you just to let u know tho I DONT CARE! ha ha ha ha!
4) treat me how u want to be treated!
5)Personal questions will NOT be answered unless i think you are a friend who is trustworthy enough! and anyway IS IT ANY OF [-YOUR-] business???
6)you only have 1 chance make it impressive yea?
7) DON@T ASK FOR MY MSN ADDIE OR ANYTHING ELSE! i will give it to you if i want to!
8) 1 WORD MAILS ARE A WASTE OF MY TIME... i have better things to do other than read through your uninventive "hi's", like go kill myself

break any rules and you'll be blaclisted in emo-tional's dungeon full of dumbasses

i wanna be[.DEAD.]

[a few more things about me]

[1:]- i am ME get it? not a fake, not a clone, i don't do the sheep thing!
[2.]- if u hurt me - which is really hard to do- it hits real deep and god i'd hate to be you!
[3.] - i LOVE chocolate
[4.] - Gareth says i'm random
[5.] - you'll never understand me no matter how hard you try

DEPRESSION - written by me (of course)

another day,
another lie,
another bruise,
another cry,

you all hate me,
I did nothing wrong,
day by day,
I sing another sad song

a laugh and smile
were so long ago
you point and laugh
I feel so low

I see the blade,
upon the floor
I reach and touch it
then close my door

It's in my hand,
and I see my pain,
I raise the knife,
There's nothing to gain

I watch my blade,
It slices my skin,
The pain in my arm,
takes away the bad feeling,

Now I feel better,
now I feel calm,
the last drop of blood on the floor
nothing left but a scar on my arm.

another one by me

I’m so unloved and so alone unchosen and [-forgotten-] I stand,
In a world of people who hate me, in a life of which I’m worthless,
The only thing that keeps me going is the hope one day you’ll [-love-] me,
But looking in your eyes tonight I can see an everlasting pit of hatred,
The hope has gone, my heart has shattered, can you see what I’ve become?
Never again will I dream of us kissing in the pouring rain, or rolling in the long - grass orchard, I’ll never think of you [-holding me close-], or dream of hearing those sought after words, I’ll never hear you say you love me, I’ll never dwell on what could have been, why? you ask?
Because tonight’s the last I’ll sit and cry, and the last I’ll long for your strong embrace, the love within is drowning me, you won’t take it so I’ll set it free , I’ll take a knife and [-cut-] my skin, and let my blood enriched with love, trickle slowly from my heart, and all my love will spill upon, the marble floor where we once danced,

[And you are the only one who can save me…]

i like [bananas.]

the night that held her scary secret

it started out like any other
cold dark winters night
the frost was falling
the air so cold
tonight reflected her cold heart
and her sharp attitude
she did it again
she lost her mind
my dads fault it was
she poisened my mind
with all these bad things
to turn me against my dad
again she screamed
"he did it again"
not to me but the bias law
they came and took him
told him hes bad
a horrble man
malicious and cold
but she's the one who should be told
i took my knife
and a cut I made
I didn't die but if I had,
she'd have won
she's not killed a preson
but a families spirit
so we'll stick together
until she's gone

the forgotten child

the curly blonde hair that belonged to a child,
bounced around her shoulders as she ran away,
from all the screaming and crying,
from her mum who scared her and had
at four years old she was so grown up,
not the child that she should be,
she clung to us for thelove
her mother refused to provide her,
shes not alone, 
she thinks she is,
when she's curled up in the corner,
with a blanket wrapped around her, and as I walk along the hall, 
I hear her muffled sobs
"why doesn't mummy love me anymore?"

[I.AM]: Me.....and you cant change that
[I.LOVE]: my razorblade
[I.HAVE]: pain
[I.HATE]: myself
[I.MISS]: feeling loved
[I.WANT]: to be loved
[I.FEEL]: alone and outcast
[I.WONDER]: how it could have been
[I.SMELL]: my tears
[I.LIKE]: hugs
[I.EAT]: what i want to
[I.SAY]: what the hell I want to
[I.THINK]: I'm all alone.
[I.TRY]: not to cry
[I.HUG]: my friends
[I.KISS]: boys
[I.CARE]: about my friends & family
[I.ASK]: why me?
[I.NEED]: to be loved
[I.WISH]: He loved me back
[I.FEAR]: myself
[I.HEAR]: screaming inside my head
[I.CRAVE]: Love
[I.SEARCH]: for the guy who wont break my heart
[I.REGRET]: my life


[</3] since you've been gone[</3]

I just have to face the fact...nobody will ever love [-Me-]

     [lie.]to me she whispered[i love you.] he said 

*SCREAMS* [- get me outta here... please-]

[#] the button... its magic... i know you want to... press it.. WELL GO ON!!!

the day I died...

don't bother...I'm


Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 31

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: carlisle

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

adult popgothgrunge
heavy metalhip hopnew age

Other interests
partyrole playingsinging

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 160

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