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stoney (blazed but never dazed)

Member #33719 created: 2005-11-17 23:57:31Simple URL:   

Name: michael stevens


most recent pic of me. Look good for a rapper lol.


My lil bro and me

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Crazy kid

I am 19, 6'2, 150lbs.
Just found out the day before my b-day tha im gonna be a daddy of a little girl. Due june 24 from a girl im not even dating but im still gonna do my part so im waiting.

Thought this was the funniest shit ive seen in a while, all credits got to goood so im not stealing it just spreadin the info.

28 Things Girls Should Know About Guys...

1. We're not as perverted as you think we all are.

2. We like you to give us hugs and kisses sometimes too.

3. Don't argue with us when we call you beautiful.

4. Don't treat us like crap, what goes around comes around.

5. We know you're pretty, that's one of the reason's we're going out with you.

6. Don't go into detail about your period. It scares us.

7. If you have cramps and we ask you what's wrong, just tell us it's that time of the month and nothing more.

8. We never shave our legs. So get over it.

9. NEVER ask us if you can put makeup on us. It's just wrong............

10. Don't make bets about us, because one of your friends will tell us, if you don't.

11. When we tell you that you're not fat, believe us.

12. We may not be able to pee accurately all of the time, but at least we can stand up and go pee.

13. Just cause you think you're always right, doesn't mean that you don't have to apologize when you do something "wrong."

14. You expect us to say and do sweet things for you, but it would be nice if you did the same every once in a while. We like to know that you love us.

15. We can't always be spontaneous, so try to help us make the plans sometimes.

16. Don't ask us to beat up another guy for you, cause you might get what you wish for

17. Never kick us in the nuts "just to see what we would say". That's just mean.

18. Never pretend like you are going to break up with us and laugh when we believe you.

19. Pamela Anderson's boobs aren't fake anymore, but we like yours better anyway.

20. Size doesn't matter, except to idiots who don't want a relationship

21. PMS is not an excuse.

22. If you want us to put the seat down when we're done, you should put it up when you're done.

23............ Don't tell us how cute your ex-boyfriend was, it makes us feel like crap

24. And always remember: The way to a guys heart is through his stomach..... and maybe....oh nevermind.

25. NEVER ask us to kiss other guys. You might be that comfy with your friends, but to us it's just wrong.

26. We always notice how funny it is after you rip out our heart, stick it down our throat and still want to be friends.

27. We know you're not always right, but we'll pretend like you are anyway

28. And last but not least: If your fighting a guy and your winning no matter how much you deny it HE is still letting you win!

Puttin this poem i worte for my best friend who just past away. I dont want no comments because i could really give a flyin fuck got it?
~~A true friend~~

It hurts to lose a friend and you never feel right again
spend years alongside them, enjoying the times you spend

talk about your kids and all your family
make each other laugh and proud
that you have a friend like this cause
friends like this are hardly found

when they pass away your lost and cant believe that there gone
there soul drifts off to heaven in the rise of early dawn

like a dream and a fantisy of angels and a beautiful city
and the memorys and the times we had will always stay with me

By Michael Stevens

Age: 21Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 12

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Exact place of living: South Haven

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglish

Favorite URL:

Skype Username: stoney_stevens54

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

adult popcountryhip hop

Other interests
card gamescarschasing the preferred sex
cookingcrime storiescybersex
plantspoetryrole playing
theatretravellingwatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 180

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