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Name: Alisha



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Okay first off..

100 Facts about Alisha

1.My name is Alisha

2.I'm 15

3.I'm only 4'11 and proud to be short!

4.I'm a true blonde at heart

5.I was born July 3rd,1991

6.I'm a freshmen at OHS

7.I am me

8.I'm different and proud

9.I hate people who copy or steal

10.I can fake a smile..but only my true friends can see
right through it

11.The only man I can depend on is my dad.

12.No guy is worth trusting but my dad!

13.I do have a boyfriend

14.He's an idiot

15.Thats why I love him :D

16.His name is Alan

17.I'm older then him but I'm older then most

18.I believe that age doesn't matter but that you're in love

19.I am honest

20.I do lie but there are reasons

21.I have tons of secrets.

22.I have a really deep secret and no one will know

23.I can be mean

24.I try not to be mean

25.I am really a Down-to-Earth girl

26.I am shy at first

27.But then talkative all the time

28.I suck at relationships

29.I can never seem to talk to a guy

30.When I do..It doesn't come out right

31.But when I can talk to guys who I have a good friendship with

32.Some girls hate me and I could care less

33.I don't care what people say about me

34.I like Spring and Summer the most

35.I can't Ski or Snowboard..But most people can't

36.I love Volleyball and Softball

37.I think Basketball is okay

38.I hate playing football but its okay to watch the games

39.I mainly go to football games to see my friends

40.But I cheer on our school. Well that will be when our school does good

41.I have many friends

42.But I only have a certain amount of true ones

43.Although I get annoyed by tons..I still consider them as friends

44.My true friends are my best friends








52.Alan is one of my best friends but there are times where I can't trust him

53.I hate being ignored

54.I hate calling people but love when they call me

55.I can sleep in until 3pm

56.I don't go to church

57.I do believe in god though

58.I love my family

59.They bug the heck out of me

60.But thats nothing new

61.Theres so many times where I want to just KILL my brothers but deep down inside I gotta love

62.I have 2 cats

63.I don't want to grow up to be lonely

64.Or to have more then 5 cats

65.Or become homeless

66.I want to grow up

67.But honestly..I'm scared out of my mind

68.I miss believing in Cooties and miss matching clothes

69.I LOVE music.

70.I think Tyson Ritter is the hottest guy to ever walk the planet

71.I love guys with pretty eyes

72.Tubby-Tub-Tub is my hero[Clay Animation]

73.I think Disney Movies are the best

74.I think the movie The Notebook is lame

75.I use to love it but now all these girls love it and cry b/c they want what Noah and Allie have..How lame!

76.I hate wannabe preps!

77.I hate fake people

78.I hate being labeled

79.I don't think I'm pretty

80.I don't think I'm fat but I don't think I'm all the skinny

81.I still own Britney Spears,N-Sync,and Backstreet Boys CD's

82.There for..I must be a loser

83.I LOVE rock music

84.Some pop is okay

85.Rap sucks

86.William Hung is my hero..he's not afraid to sing although he sucks

87.I wish I lived through the 80's

88.The best movie of all time is Finding Nemo

89.I have more guy friends then girl friends

90.That doesn't mean I'm a slut and I'm easy

91.I just get along more with guys

92.I read TeenVogue

93.I can be a tomboy

94.Although I'm girly

95.I don't know my real dad

96.I do know he's not the greatest

97.I was born in North Hollywood,CA

98.I wish I could turn back time

99.I can't believe I did 100 facts about me..and there is SO MUCH more to tell

100.Better not copy what I did..just means you don't like doing your own thing and like to copy other people's ideas and no I didn't copy..I do my own things

p.s. I have no life..thats why I'm always online
They try to drive us apart, & we only get closer..
They say its wrong, but we say its love.
They judge us, but we just build our relationship.
They say we aren't supposed to be together..
& we, yes we, will prove them wrong.[]

[L][O][V][E] ME OR [H][A][T][E] ME, ITS YOUR [C][A][L][L]

You've always found a way to cheer me up
even when I'm as down as can be
you replace my tears with laughs smiles
you have no idea what that means to me

If I could just lay with you, cuddle with you,
be held by you, that's all I need. I'm not asking for
commitment or kisses, I've given up with that.
All I need is just to feel like someone loves me &
cares about me, even if it's just as a friend.
cus quite honestly, right now, I could really
use a friend. & a hug.

you don¡¯t know how crazy I feel without you..
I¡¯m going insane inside..your only a double click away..
but I can¡¯t get myself to send you this I.M..even if its only to say hey

those raindrops on her checks
marsca eyes he said these are
the Best nights in loveShe¡¯s in love with you, completely, There¡¯s no one else

i've got a --
---crush on you<3.

you cant be "just friends" with the guy who makes
you act like a clutz in his presence;; who causes you
to stumble over your words. you cant be "just friends"
with the guy that you fell head over heels for <3.

Age: 15Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 3

Gender: female

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Exact place of living: Otsego

Known languages

alternativehip hoppop

Other interests
animalsboardgamescard games

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

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