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kunn-lan (and thus I cloak my naked villany with old oddends)

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Name: Daniel Wooden (The Admiral)


Me in my awesome tux and derby. Don't I look Irish?


Me and the girlfriend. :) she's mine

Elfpack titles and orders

I am around 5ft 6 brown hair. I have musuclar body and a four pack of abs. I have Emerald green eyes.  To some people I'm very good looking to other's I'm not. I'm so it's your opinion not mine. For the people who like me may they live long. For those who don't let me know them by thier limp.

Welcome to my house *soft music playing a dog sleeping next to the fire place* I hope you enjoy your stay. If there is anything I can get you such as Tea or short bread or place to stay for awhile or to just talk let me know. Or if there is any other thing I could get you le me know.

My favorite band is Greenday.
Favoritie album is American idiot.
favortie song is
Good riddance(i hope you had the time of your life.)

School is the most boring and stupid thing that can happen to young ppl.
Some of you will agree with me other won't.
Most of you are probably wondering y I have the (Admiral) there reason being is becasue I'm an Admiral for 3 fleets. Sobanni, Nabbal,Mannan. What I like to do with my life is play video games and blow stuff up for a lving. Description:

My name is Daniel Joseph Wooden I'm into wrestling . I speak English and quite a bit . For those who are wondering Kunn-lan means I accidently spelled it wrong for runescape. It's supposed to be Kuun-lan it from the stratgey game Homewrold Cataclysm. The Kuun-lan was a mining ship. it was also on the planet Kharak a temple which meant Purfying Flame.

Burning Bridges / The Mike Curb Congregation
(¡§Kelly's Hero" theme song)

Friends all tried to warn me
But I held my head up high
All the time they warned me
But I only passed them by
They all tried to tell me
But I guess I didn't care
I turned my back and
Left them standing there
All the burning bridges that have fallen after me
All the lonely feelings and the burning memories
Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door
Burning bridges lost forevermore
Joey tried to help me find a job
A while ago
When I finally got it I didn't want to go
The party Mary gave for me
When I just walked away
Now there's nothing left to say
All the burning bridges that have fallen after me
All the lonely feelings and the burning memories
Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door
Burning bridges lost forevermore
Years have passed and I keep thinking
What a fool I've been
I look back into the past and
Think of way back then
I know that I lost everything I thought I that could win
I guess I should have listened to my friends
All the burning bridges that have fallen after me
All the lonely feelings and the burning memories
Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door
Burning bridges lost forevermore
Burning bridges lost forever

Beuty in most peoples opinion is a girl or guy. However tehy forget about the beuty such as these things.
The brillance of the moon,The lush smell of a rose,The fragrance of beutiful girl,The sweetness of a good true kiss,The wonders fo nature,The beuty of destructive nature,The idea of love. The intellegence of the meek,The mind and beuty of a child's idea of life,The blissful bay of dog,The pure joy of cat meowing,The mysterious power of god and all that is good, The idea of romance,The Beuty of the mind!

People should not fear they're Goverment for they cahnge tehy're Goverment. The Goverment should be afraid of what people can do because of the Goverment.-V for vendetta

It's not what your country can do for you. It's what you can do for your country
-Ellanor Roosevelt.

What 10,000 swords can't accomplish during the day might be accomplish with a knife in the dark.-Military Maxium.

By the power of truth, I while living have conquered the universe or Vi Veri Venum Versi Vivius Vici

And Thus I clothe my naked villany with old odd ends stolen from holy writ and seem a saint when most i play the devil.
Remember remember the 5th of november I see no reason why the gun poweder treason should ever be forgot.
We are oft to blame in this.'Tis too much to proved that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar the devil himself.
Who is the form following the function of what.

"My armour is like Tenfold sheilds,my teeth swords,my claws spears,the shock of my taila thunder bolt,my wings a hurricane, and my breath death

♥Hey guys and Gals!♥ this is [x.♥.x Lauren Justine x.♥.x] Danny here is my brother, so be nice ok?? Yeah or I'll have David send his ninja llamas on you...haha!♥
Well Danny love ya Bro!♥ your a total flirt♥ but really sweet.♥ Keep cool and call me ASAP..haha ♥

           ~♥~ alwayz
             your lil' sis LJ

We all live in the midst of the world, where else is there to live? Just as the river is always at the door and the world outside it is the world we must live in. - Otori Shigeru

Vi Veri Venusmversi Vivus Vici

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 21

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Missouri

Exact place of living: Higginsvile

Home-page URL: Legion

Weblog URL: Belial

Favorite URL: Sobanni

eurodiscofolk musicgoth
heavy metal

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 168

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