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fuzzy fear (just trucking along, missing the ones left behind)

Member #41045 created: 2006-04-04 22:55:24Simple URL:   

Name: Hannah Banana Fee Fi Fo Fanna Banna Pajama


haha got flowers?


when all else failed I thought of you and through the joy came beauty

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AdventurerCrazy kid


Since you keep checking my page......

here you go....

You didn't even make me worth a proper goodbye

I sat here in silence, didn't even cry

When will just me be just enough for you

Never, now there's nothing more true

You were so close to understanding

that all I ever wanted here was you

And all I ever needed was just you voice

Yet you always stayed silent, forever your choice

I had set my standards, they were high

still you snuck in, the one and only guy

that I let close enough to see

everything that really made up me

but I wasn't good enough

so all those nights I cried

I blame you, I blame pride

I was game for the adventure, the one titled "You and Me"

The year's gone by and there's so much to show, yet so much more to know,

It's been a glorious year, with ups and downs this roller coaster of fear

Oh how I love who you are to me, and this person that your attention makes me be

I'm better and stronger and smarter you see, and it's you who does all this good in me

Feels like you made a mistake

You made somebody's heart break

You're a pill to ease the pain

Of all the stupid things I do,

Cause I mess up and I crash down

everyones gone but there's still always you

I was holding on the what was tangible; then came you

I sing your name like a sweet refrain

You're the reason I never stop believing,

Times are changing, and I'm chasing

After picture perfect sunsets

To take my breath away

I never said my goodbyes and this could take a while

Reaching for a hand that's not there

Unlike the planned perfection of my dreams

The world would have stopped for You and Me

So now I'll just shoot my cupid

More than a hard break up

Though you were never with me

Can't stop thinking of that which never was

Not a good secret, but a big mistake

Nothing came as easy as you

No one left as quick as you

At least give some time for goodbyes

I try to let go in poetry

A sad story to tell of what could have been

But baby can you see me now

pretty flower mingled with the crowd

told you I'd get this far

You hid me

Your loss now little boy

Cause I'm a big girl now

Not lost within the food chain

I aways knew the truth

But no one believed

So carry on carry on

let that medication take you far

let that knowledge take you over the edge

I hope you burn little boy

I hope you survive little boy

So carry on carry on
Missing: </center>

Age: 24Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 29

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Arizona

Exact place of living: a town

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

alternativeclassicalheavy metal

Other interests
poetryreligionrole playing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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