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Mommie 2 Be♥ (Only 7 weeks left to go. ^_^)

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[S-u-c-h] a [s-a-d] sad [g-i-r-l,] lost [i-n] such [a] cold [d-a-r-k] world.


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Woohoo good news, I'm going to have a little girl december 8th. I love this besides the whole getting sick and having to pee every 5 minutes lol.

Becky Loves..

•Being imperfect, it's what makes her who she is.

•People who are not afraid to be themselves.

•All music except rap, sorry but in most cases it degrades women by calling them bitch's, whores, tricks, ect. , not to mention it negatively influences young children.

•People who don't judge a person based upon: looks, race, sexuality, religion, or anything like that.

•Coffee, but it makes me thirsty. >.<

•People who are creative, even if what you do may not be the best, the point is that you tried, and I respect you for that.

•Makeup, the way a person wears their makeup to me, can be creative, and in some cases artistic.

•Outspoken people, they're not afraid to say what they think, or believe in.

•Love, yep that's right, I ♥love♥ love.

•Animals, except cows & ducks, I'm scared of them. 0.o

•The cool internet smileys: =] , 0.o , =D , >.< , ^^ , ^_^ , there's lots more.

•Books, I love reading anything.

•People who uses proper capitalization, and punctuation.

•Pretty flowers, they fascinate me.

•Tim Burton, what more is there to say?

•Intellectual conversations.

•Skittles, they're yummy.

•Gay people, they're so much cooler than straight people. =D

•Bright colors, they're so p*r*e*t*t*y.

•The feeling of proving someone wrong about yourself.

•Piercings and tattoos, I think they are beautiful.

•Video games, Woot Woot.

•People who actually take the time to read all this. =]

Becky Hates..



•Being depressed.


•Wedgies. 0.o

•Rude, inconsiderate people.

•People who try to "fit in".

•Being called hott or sexy.

•Little kids bragging about how they do drugs, take it from a former cocain addict, they're not as cool as you make them out to be.

Becky Wants To..

•Be successfull in life.

•Quit smoking.

•Finish cosmetology school.

•Get the hell out of Mississippi.

•Meet the love of her life.

•One day be a good wife and mother.

•Bring out the good in people.

•Try her best at being a good person.

•Own her own salon.

•Get two portrait tattoos done by Kat Von D.

•Be there for the ones who need her.

Becky Believes..

•That gay marriage should be legalized everywhere.

•That politics are way overrated.

•That being too thin makes your head look big. 0.o

•That abortion is wrong in most cases.

•That the war never should have happened.

•That George Bush is one of the worst people we could have chosen to run this country.

•That there is such a thing as karma.

•This world would be a better place if people would quit discriminating against one another.

•Everyone makes mistakes, but it's up to that person whether they want to stay on the road they're on, or learn from their mistakes and try not to make them anymore.

•That life is harder when you have no one to help comfort you when you're down.

•That everyone is beautiful, you just have to look at the good things about a person.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at my house. If you have any questions, or if you just liked what you read then feel free to message me. Also if you don't agree with something, as long as you're not rude about it then message me. I wish everyone a good night/day.



Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 30

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-Mississippi

Exact place of living: under your bed.. scarey huh ^^

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Home-page URL:

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

countryheavy metalhip hop

Other interests
beerbookscard games
carscatschasing the preferred sex
cookingcrime storiesdancing
sportingtravellingwatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: tentacle monster

Height: 168

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