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Name: Ken


My bunny Usagi and I


My girlfriend and I holding hands. She made this in photoshop, our hands, my words, our names, our Love (the kangi(japanese)means love) All forever no matter what, thats our promise.

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(='.'=) this is Mr. Bunny copy and paste it
(")_(") to help him gain world domination

Hmmm..well..I'm a bit of a philosopher and I have quite a well understanding of psychology..I have been doing martial arts for quite some time now and I am usually a nice person. I am quite different from many others, so please do not get upset with my way of thinking, if you do, just tell me that I'm being a bother and kindly leave me be. I am a bit of a writer and have been asked to write to sexually graphic stories recently, and I figure why not post them up here..They are the first ones I have ever written, so I'm sorry that their not the greatest, but please, if you read it, let me know what you think

Here is one of the sexually graphic stories..Enjoy and please tell me what you think ^^

A young man was dashing through the woods. Running through bushes and scraping against trees. The young man had light brown, straight hair that hung to his shoulder blades, but were currentally swaying and swinging behind him as he dashed around. His light blue eyes darted around, trying the best they could to watch for tree branches and anything that could harm him in his fast pace. He only wore a tattered pair of pants that was held up by a rope, and wore no socks nor shoes. He had a well muscle toned body, but it was scraped, cut and bruised from his run.
The moon glew bright above him, lighting the forest with a heavenly glow. The young man quickly stopped and spun around looking frantically, darting his head side to side, looking in every direction. The mid winter chill made his breath visible as he exhaled and breathed heavily. As he looked about he let out a almost painful cry, " Eiei!"
The echo of the woman's name could be herd for a few moments, then slowly died down to a complete silence again. For several minutes he continued to call out her name, his throat continuesally going on in pain from the cold air and lack of moisture. As he continued to look around, his body suddenly took on all the pain and he fell to his knees. He looked up for some sign of hope and saw a very dim light spark up in the distance and instantly kicked off the ground and ran off towards it, His heart was racing, his body was aching, and the load thumps of his feet could be herd quite well, but he continued on running.
He got closer to the light and noticed that the light was coming from a small little hut like house. He slowly came to a creeping walk, being cautious to get closer. As he drew closer to the house he peered inside the window and looked around inside, after slowly and quietly rubbing the frost from the window. Inside was a young woman, she was sitting on a bed that was in the corner of the room. A little bit in front of her was a decent sized mantel with some pictures, candles and a decent sized mirror. Across from that was a small sink. it wasn't much of a house, but it was enough to get by. The woman had long dirty blond hair that she was slowly brushing as she hummed to herself, staring into the center of the flames.
The young man made a great sigh of releaf and wasted no time getting to the door. He moved from the window and headed straight for it in a quick pace. The woman inside herd a noise outside her house and a bit of fear filled her. Her heart began to race as she quickly blew out all the candles and grabbed her dagger, holding it close against her as she slowly stepped closer to the door, unsheathing the dagger. As the young man opened the door, the woman stabbed down quickly, at the shadowy figure she saw. Their was a long pause of silence, until the sound of the dagger slowly slipping from her hands hit the floor, making a loud clinging noise.
The young man released the hand that was holding the dagger, leaned and stepped forward, whispering, " Careful, love. Next time you might accidentally get me.." The young woman paused for a moment, just staring at him as her eyes filled a bit with tears. She quickly hopped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him tight and close, " My love Aegal, I have missed you so very much.." Aegal wrapped his arms around her tight and pulled her close, " And I have missed you Eiei, my love."
Aegal slowly closed the door with his foot, staring into her eyes, as she stared back. Aegal quickly swooped her up and spun around, smiling and lightly laughing. Eiei smiled as she looked down at him and lightly giggled. He placed her down and they instantly kissed. Eiei turned and lit a few candles then turned back to him and gasped, " My love, your hurt..Look at all your new cuts and bruises...this happens every time....." she said as she slowly sat on the bed. " It's nothing, my love. I would do it ten thousand times if that's what I had to do. I will never stop, I love you dar to much.." Aegal sat down next to her and looked into her eyes.
Aegal slowly placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently onto her back, then slid on top of her and looked into her eyes. Eiei looked back, longingly and lovingly, " You made me wait oh so long this time, my love..Please..don't let me wait any longer..." she said as she placed her hand upon his cheek. Aegal leaned forward and slowly began to kiss her. As they kissed Aegal slowly began to unzip her dress and began sliding it down her shoulders. He slowly leaned back and pulled it all the way off her, shy now laid there wearing only panties. Aegal slowly stood back and untied the rope from his pants. As soon as the rope came undone the pants feel to the floor. He stood their in his boxers then he slowly slid them down as Eiei slid hers off and tossed them to the side.
Aegal leaned down and unraveled the rope from his pants and crawled over to her. " What's the rope for, love?" Eiei asked curiously. Aegal smiled and leaned close to her, whispering, " I want to please you in every and any way, my love" He then slowly slid his tongue around the rim of her ear and pulled her into a sitting position. Aegal grabbed her hands and put them behind her back, then tied her wrists together a bit through the rope. Then he moved down and tied her calves to her thighs. She watched him and quickly flushed a deep red.
Aegal pushed her a bit roughly backwards and then pushed her legs a bit apart and leaned down, lightly kissing her stomach. Eiei thrusted her hip towards him and he pushes his lips against her clit, then opened his mouth and lightly began to suck and lick it. Eiei leaned her head back and began to breath a bit heavier. Aegal slowly licked up her pussy and then inserted two fingers into her, slowly pushed them against her inner walls. Eiei began to lightly moan and move her hips slowly opposite to his fingers, tossing her head side to side every now and then. Aegal looked up at her and then started moving his fingers faster and deeper, pushing his tongue roughly against her clit, rubbing her breasts with his other hand. Eiei let out a slight moan and scream of pleasure as she came.
Aegal smiled and slowly stood up, pulling her up with him. " Now, open your mouth, my love." Eiei nodded and slowly opened her mouth, and as soon as she did, he entered his erection, pushing it deep into her throat. Eiei took it in the best she could and began thrusting her head back and forth, sliding her tongue around his cock as she did so. Aegal placed his hands on the back of her head and gradually began to force it deeper and deeper. Eiei began to increase her head movement and sucked hard. Suddenly Aegal bit down on his bottom lip and let out a gasp of pleasure as he came in her mouth. Eiei closed her eyes for a moment then swallowed it.
Aegal slowly pushed her backwards again and climbed on top of her, " Good girl" he said lightly. He pushed his lips roughly against hers, as she kissed back the same, sliding her tongue into his mouth and pushing her breasts against his chest. Aegal slowly rubbed his cock against her pussy then quickly forced it deep into her. Eiei threw her head back and let out a light moan of pleasure as she began thrusting her hips in the opposite direction of Aegal's movements. Aegal thrusted and pushed his cock deep into her, grabbing her neck a bit tight, pulling her face to his, kissing her passionately and roughly.
Aegal slowly pulled his cock out of her and lightly poked the head into her pussy a few times teasingly. Eiei looked at him and lightly began to toss her knees up and down restlessly. Finally Aegal smiled and pushed her legs up a bit then slowly pushed his cock into her ass. Eiei closed her eyes tight and bit her lower lip. Aegal slowly slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began to finger her as he pushed his cock deep inside her ass. Eiei let out a many screams of pleasure as she tossed her head around, and Aegal leaned down, kissing, licking and sucking on her nipples.
Finally neither of them could take anymore. Aegal thrusted deeply into her ass and came as Eiei screamed in pleasure and griped the bed, coming as well. Aegal slowly kissed her then rolled off to the side, Eiei rolling over the best she can, resting her head on his chest. Aegal held her close and kissed the top of her head, untying her. Aegal and Eiei, both breathing heavily, layed there holding one another. " I love you.." Aegal said softly, " And I love you, my dearest man.." she replied. Slowly both of them closed their eyes and drifted off into a sleep.
Hours later Aegal woke, slowly stretching and wiggling around a bit. After only a moment he noticed that Eiei wasn't lying against him and he quickly jumped up. He was sitting in a strange house that he has not ever seen before. He quickly looked around the room, it was a single roomed house. As soon as he spotted a dresser he opened it. He quickly garbed an old shirt and pair of pants and slid them on. After that he quickly rushed and dashed out the door, He ran out of the small town and dashed off into the woods. As he was running he thought to himself, " I don't care how many times this happens, I will continue to search and find you.."

I hope you liked the first one..well, here is another..

Miala layed against the bed naked, her arms lightly placed over her breasts as she looked up at Làbi, who stood next to the bed, also unclothed. Làbi slowly slid upon her and kisses her deeply, sliding his tongue into her mouth as he slowly moved her hand and began to caress her breasts, slowly moving his hand down betwen her legs, sliding two fingers into her pussy and his thumb agains ther clit.
Miala slowly closed her eyes as she began to blush and moan lightly, griping Làbi's chest, scraching down it, reaching to his cock as she slowly began to play with it. Làbi slowly layed on his side and placed his head between her legs, spreding them a bit, sliding his tongue against her clit, licking her as he continued to figner her. Miala slowly moved close to his cock and took it into her mouth
Làbi lightly blushed as Miala gentally grips his cock, lickign and sucking on the head as he thrusted his middle and ring finger of his rite hand into her, licking and sucking on her clit. Slowly Làbi reaches around and slide the middle finger on his left hand into her ass. Miala let out a small moan as she took his cock completely into her mouth, licking it's head vigureslly.
Finally they couldn't take it anymore and Miala pulled Làbi ontop of her, grabing his cock, sliding it into her already wet pussy. Làbi quickly thrusted it deep inside her, kissing her deeply and lovingly as Miala gentally scrached at his back, pulling his chest against his. Làbi slowly slid a hand between them and began to rub her clit roughly, thrusting deep and hard inside her.
Miala quickly began to buck her hips against Làbi's, making his thrusts deeper and harder. They both kissed one another wildly, pushing their bodies against one another as they did so. Làbi quickly turned Miala around, placing her back against his chest and he slid his cock back into her, pushing her up with each thrust he made as she came back down, her moans of pleasure, close to his ear.
Miala lightly bit the side of his neck as she bounced up and down hard on his cock. Slowly Làbi came to a stop and slid his cock out of her, she instantally griped his thighs and pleaded with a light moan, which slowly died down as Làbi slid his cock agains ther ass, getting it wet, then suddenly he slid it in nice and slow, widening her ass.
Miala let out a scream, digging her nails into his thighs as he opend her ass, slowly thrusting in and out of it. Miala blushed deeply as he continued, Làbi blushing as well as he thrusted and slid his hands down between her legs, rubing her clit roughly with his rite hand and fingering her fast and hard with his other hand. Làbi lightly licked and kisses her neck, quickly biting into it.
Miala let out a load scream of both pleasure and pain, begining to thrust her ass agaisnt his cock, pushing it deeper and harder. Slowly she leaned up and griped his legs, tossing her ass up ad down on his cock. Làbi began to toss his head side to side, letting out moans of pleasure, gripping the blanket on the bed. Làbi slid his nails down Miala's back as she continued.
Làbi slid his nails over her back, whispering in his moan, " love..i'm going to cum soon..." " Hold it in for a moment longer, my love.." she replied, pushing harder and faster as she began to touch herself, sliding fingers inside her wet pussy, rubbing her clit roughly.
Miala continued bouncing up and down on his cock for a few more moments befor she leaned back, holding herself up, letting out a load scream of pelasure, cumming all over Làbi. Làbi cumming at the same time, filling her befor it slowly began to leek out. Miala fall back slowly, resting against Làbi and Làbi wraped his arms around her, ebracing her tight. " I love you.." they said to one another

Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 18

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Massachusetts

Exact place of living: Springfield, Ma

Known languages

classicalheavy metalrock

Other interests
fantasyrole playingwriting

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: fit

Height: 168

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