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PiMps Up Hoes Down (xxChristiexx i love u so so much baby)

Member #46455 created: 2007-01-15 23:59:44Simple URL:   

Name: alex





Elfpack titles and orders
Drunk-assAdventurerCrazy kid

o yea theres one thing that i should say first before nething that christe i love u so so so much u r tha best wife in tha whole world i love u so so so much and i never want to loose u i wanna b wit u for ever and ever u mean so much to me baby no one could ever replace uand ur tha only reason i go on mmmmwwwuahhh sweetie i love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

ight so let me tell ya sumthin bout me before u juudge me. im alex live in tha great state of comptan nah i live in nc its tha krunkest fukin state ever so hoes stay out haha. i luaghf at hoes and fake ass niggas so thro up ya duece if u c me ride by man ppl dont hate i hate hatin ass hoes and ppl who be talkin that smakedy smack but they dont come bak yea dey dead in tha trunk haha .im rrrrrrrrrriiich biiiiootch
      stay down grandhustle


wut can i saw i gotta big snake
my snakes in love

my snake climbing
me remix

__________ __XX______ _ _________________________
_______________________ ___________$_________________________________
___ ______________________________X$=_________________ _______________
________________________________= $$X________________________________
_____________ ___________________J$$$___________________________ _____
________XX_____________________X$$$$X______ _________________________
_________YX____________ ________$$$$$$_______________________________
___ ______X$X__________________=$$$$$$X_______________ _______________
_________X$$L=________________X$$ $$$$X___________________=_X________
__________$$$ $$_______________$$$$$$$X_________________=$F_____ _____
__________X$$$$$L____________X$$$$$$$$_____ _________=J$$X___________
__________X$$$$$$$X____ _______$$$$$$$$____________J$$$$X____________
___ ________Y$$$$$$$L_________X$$$$$$$L_________=_$$$$ $$=____________
___________=$$$$$$$$$=_______$$$$ $$$$$________$$$$$$$$=_____________
____________Y $$$$$$$$L=______$$$$$$$$$X_____X$$$$$$$$F_________ _____
_____________$$$$$$$$$$=_____$$$$$$$$$____= L$$$$$$$$F_______________
______________$$$$$$$$$ $=____$$$$$$$$$___X$$$$$$$$$=________________
___ ___________+$$$$$$$$$$X___=$$$$$$$$__J$$$$$$$$$F__ _______________
_______________X$$$$$$$$$$X___$$$ $$$$$_J$$$$$$$$$F__________________
+$$__________ ___X$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$F_$$$$$$$$$F______________ _____
__=$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$$$_=$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$X____________________
____+$$$$$$$$$$_=__+$$$ $$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F______________________
___ ___$$$$$$$$$$$$$=YY$$$$$$$_Y$$$$$$$$$$$$$F________ ____==_=_______
_______=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$=$$ $$$$$$$$$$=____=_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$X
_________=$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$==_J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ +=___
___________=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$X$$$$$$$$XJ$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+=______
_____________=+Y$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$YJ$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$YF__________
___ ______________=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+ +______________
_____________________$J$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$++=__________________
_____________ __J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L_=_______________ _____
______________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$=_________________
___________J$$$$$$$$$$$ $FYL$$$$$$$F$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$L=______________
___ ______J$$$$$$$+F+=___X$$$$$$=$$$_Y$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$_____________
_______XF+_____________J$$$$$$=_X $$__=$$$$$_=+$Y$$$$$$$$=___________
_____________ _________X$$$+=_____=$X____+$$X________=+++Y$L____ _____
______________________$=__________$X______Y $______________=_________
______________________= ___________XL_______X________________________
___ _______________________________X$_________________ _______________
_________________________________ __$X_______________________________
_____________ ______________________YX__________________________ _____
___________________________________________ ______________

My life be like Ooh Ahh
It's times like these that make me say,
Lord if you see me please come my way.
Leavin bread crumbs for when I stray
Rely on sacrifice and the price you paid
Feel me like a fingertip
(flow fingertip flow fingertip)
Sometimes I fall I slip
Got a heartfelt desire be more like you
Trying not to quench your fire by the things that i do

I'm on an island by my lonesome stranded
Low key and stayin’ candid
Reflectin on the things I try my hand at
Search for the equations to persuasions I'm used to
Findin comfort in the zones of closet bones I get loose to
A mountainous fontaine,
Spinnin and monsoonin
Grinnin its high octane
This worlds out wacky
Rollin down the hills cause lifes a hassle
Encircled by my folly like a moat surround a castle
Stay afloat,
Catch a second wind thin is the air I breathe
Teary-eyed nose runnin, wipe the snot on my sleeve
I'm callin on my savior to be all that I need
Please forgive me my behavior had me lost at light speed


The fear of never falling in love
And the tears after losing the feelings
Of what you thought love was
Like the dirt still up under the rug
(My life be like)
Bad characteristics covered in Christ's blood
The joy of new birth and the pain of growing up
The bliss between giving my all and giving up
The highs and lows,
Paths and roads I chose
In the cold I froze
Trying to ease my woes
In this world of sin
Clothes to thin to fend
So to God I send
Words of help to win
In grumblings so deep letters could never express
So the sounds of Ooh Ahh beneath my breath projects


My life be like (Toby Mac)

My life be like ooh aah ooh
Dum dum diddy
Here comes that boy from the capital city
Last up on the Grits new ditty
But eight bars of the truth will do, eh
I believe there's a pride thats stunning,
And I believe in the kingdom coming
I believe if you seek the truth,
You don't need to look far cuz it's gonna find you

So why, oh why, do I trip and stumble?
And ooh ahh as commitments crumble?
I can't believe that I'm hear again

beatin dow yo block
Verse 1:]
Im Poppin My Collar,
Im Grippin That Wood,
My Cush In My Hand,
My Trunk Beatin Good.
If It's Knockin They Jockin,
Feel That Base That's A Hobbie.
Beat Thru Yo Hood Them Kickers
Kick Off In Yo Ass Like Karate.
They Hear That Base Wanna Try Me,
Im At Greenbrief Mall.
I Pop My Trunk, And All Them Hoes Did The Westside Walk.
Im Wit Monte' In Assault,
System Soundin So Mean.
26's Make It Stretch,
Sittin High Like Yao Ming.
It Go Down 4 My Team,
Trunk Thumpin Sum' Crucial.
Bumpin P.S.C And T.I.P,
Hit The Club Crucial.
On My Waist It's Rugal.
Love My Base And My Amps,
Adjust Ya Tweakers Make It Sweeter,
Chain Bright As A Lamp (They Feel Me)

Im Beatin Down Ya Block,
And U Can Hear When Im Comin' [x4]
Can U Feel Me? (Crank It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.
Can U Feel Me? (Turn It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.
Can U Feel Me? (Crank It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.
Can U Feel Me? (Turn It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.

[Verse 2:]
Yeah They Bumpin The Camp,
Candy Paint Lookin Good.
And I Kno That They Can Feel Me
Half A Block 4rm The Hood.
4rm The Block Hear U Good,
Yo Trunk Dnt Sound So Clear.
I Bump Like D Lo Tell Me Lil Nigga Do U Hear What I Hear?
Speakers Front To The Rear,
Its Dj Unk In Yo Ear.
Free Wall Chain Let It Bang (4 What?)
Shawty We Here.
C How My Name Jus Appear.
I C These Playas And Scream.
Dj Jelly Dvd's Jump 4rm Scene To Scene.
415 Hittin Mean,
Tope It Scope It And Bean.
Turn It Up A Knotch,
Bouncin Off The Roof Im Clean.
Steaddy Stackin My Green,
Money High As A Star.
And The Best Part About It
Is The Base In My Car.


[Verse 3:]
(Then I Heard) 4rm The Amplifires,
Can't Bust Em Cuz My Speakers Built 4rm West Coast Customs.
Customized Sounds Trunk Shakin The Whole Block.
Tv Screens In The Dash,
Champ Playin The X- Box.
Yep Im Beatin Down Ya Block,
4 4 Duece Sittin Tall,
Bend My Hat Back Knockin Down Pictures Off Ya Wall
Atl Comin Hard,
Beatin Hard In The Drop Top.
Old School Chevy's Color Candy Call It Lollipop.
Cutlis Wit The T Top.
Buick Wit The Brains Eye.
Ss Impalas And Cadillas Stay Pimped Out.
Smoke Dro Then Pill Out.
Smash The Gas In On My Way.
Beatin Down Ya Block,
Fuck Nigga Get Up Out My Way.


Smile Empty Soul Lyrics

The Hit Lyrics

Hey record company, do you need a hit
Cause I need a hit too, to give me a different view
Hey Mr. Producer do you need a hit
Cause I want a hit too, to keep me from hitting you

Just being in the same room with you
Makes me want to get high
So I can forget you
Just being in the same room with you
I think I'm losing my mind
I've got nothin to lose.

Hey landlord, do you need the rent
Cause I need the rent too, so I can afford food
Hey baby do you need some of my time
Cause I need my time too, to not think about you


Take me away from these people
That want shit from me
Just tell them I'm busy
So fuck off and die

Hey record company, do you need a hit
Cause I need a hit too
To keep me from hitting you


Age: 18Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 15

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: Hong Kong

Exact place of living: ching chiang

Known languages
Sign LanguageHindiLatin

Home-page URL: i

Weblog URL: love

Favorite URL: u

Skype Username: christie

alternativeheavy metalhip hop
new agepunkrap

Other interests
animalscarschasing the preferred sex

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 185

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