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BARKS HAS BITE (Remove from me, this deception, that i call love..)

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lol november 20th 2008 meee lol

lol december 17th 2008

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whoa internet was disconected for a few days

And one of these days we'll no longer betray ourselves
in any way we won't all look the same way down
And one of these days we'll no longer betray ourselves
and we'll all take the same way out
-Demons by Darkest hour

the things i should have said

another love letter for all you hopeless romantics. i didnt say this but i should have november 7th 2008

ok dont laugh im not very good at these i just felt like all the people who have had there heart broken always put all the attention on them selves. and this is also for all those people who had to break those hearts. the hearts of the people they love. and i know that i would rather have my heart broken a million times then have to do that again. so this is just some of the things i wish i would have said to try and get her to understand my reasons

"'hey hun, i know your confused, and im sorry it has to be this way. Before i leave i need to tell you somthing.. it would be better if you could just listen, listen to everything that i have to say before you reply any thing back.

i hated telling you that it was over. i physically hated myself more and more with every single word. to even think that i had to put you through that has burdoned my heart, has made it heavy and sunk it into the dark depths of sorrow, and i just i wanted you to know that its not you, its me. i know it sounds so cliche, but its true. we have been together for so long and every cell in my body and every inch of my soul wants to be with you forever. but after all this time i still know that you can do better then me. that you deserve better then i could ever do for you... just wait love, i still have more to say... being here with you feels absolutly amazing. you still take my breathe away , you always will. your smile, your eyes , your kiss. but they all belong to some one else, some one who can give you everything i cant some one better. some one who can take YOUR breathe away. and when you meet that person when your with him. my heart will tear into many. but as long as your happy... your happyness means more to me then my selfish urges to be with you. id rather have you be happy. even if it means i must be miserable. i tried so hard to the man that you needed but i feel that i cant be and that your better off... without me

i will always love you... always <3

so yeah. made by mio jonathon and i dunno you dont really have to tell me what you think eh its just somthing i felt like i needed to share

see you

My Eyes.

my eyes, my eyes are the window to my sorrow for my soul has fled long ago.
my smile, my smile has long faded into snarls and frowns.
my love, my love is like poison, because i love oyu and it is killing me.
and you, you are like death on swift wings sent to swoop down and stop my hearts beating.
but my death, my death is as slow and steady as the turtle who never finishes the race.
for my life goes on but i have no more will to move down its tracks.

by: Jonathon welden

dont laugh i dont write much lol so i dunno it might be kind of bad

Age: 21Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 29

Gender: annoying kid

What do you do?: Being lazy

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Body shape: tentacle monster

Height: 178

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