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Baby Fox

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Name: Chantelle Franklin

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AdventurerCrazy kid


I just would not know right now what to say about me in general. What is there to say really? For one thing, I am tired of random people messaging me, saying things like, “ooo you're hott” or “ooo smoking!” People, give me a break please. Just stop it, I am tired if it and don’t wanna be bothered…so from now on, unless you are a contact, and you message me with such messages, automatic block. Just stop and save yourself the trouble.

I will admit it until the day I die!!!

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I am not a person who is gonna push my beliefs onto you and I will never tell you that you are wrong. I prefer to talk to people rather than coerce them into religion. Besides, I am open to hearing about other religions, except Satanism, but I will never change my religion. My life has changed so much since I was baptized a couple years ago. I have always been a Christian, but every day, my faith gets stronger and stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that God is the way of life of eternity. If you ever wanna talk to me about it or you just wanna know something, I will tell you to the best of my ability and my knowledge. If for some reason, you still desire more, I can try to ask around to a few good pastors I know and see what they can tell em for you. but honestly people, if you just wanna talk, I am always willing to lend an ear.

I love talking to people, and though I am not shunning people, there are some of you I will distance myself from. For example, Goths and emos and metal heads…Satanists, demon worshippers, and KKK members, or Neo Nazis. Most of it is either against my religion or just in general, affects me in some negative way. So please, be kind and don’t pester, nag, haggle, mock, pick on, poke, prod, bother, harry, vex, intrude upon, or ruffle my feathers. Thanks.

If there is anything you wish to inquire about me, feel free to ask.

May God bless


Love is when you give someone the power to hurt you but trust them not to."

Sgt. Charles Anthony Soctt, USMC. Be careful out there. i will pray for you every day and i will pray that you are safe and that you come home soon and that you are safe out there. be careful. huggles and lvoes

one of the best guys on this world is this one right here. he is so sweet and charming and so caring...thanks for everything scott. you really have been a great friend to me and not a day will go by where i dont love ya for it.

If you'll do this for me, I'll do it for you.... When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out that God is all you need. Take 60 seconds and give this a shot! All you do is simply say the following small prayer : Father, God bless all my friends in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day! And may their life be full of your peace, prosperity and power as he/she seeks to have a closer relationship with you. Amen.

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1. CAS the Marine
2. Scottie the Jellybean
3. A Foxes Footprints
4. Jellybean : if you want to access this, ask for the password
5. Goodnight Kitten : if you want to access this, ask for the password
6. Wings of Love : if you want to access, ask for the password
7. Dark Nights...password needed
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[7pheonix7] my Puppy
[crypt 03] my kitty
[achrador] my fox
[Mr. Wonka] my kitty
[darkerside] my mouse
[Silvr Jestr] my squirrel
[fatesangel] a furry hampster

*names come all from*

Age: 22Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Indiana

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

bluesheavy metalhip hop
new agerocktechno

Other interests
bookscard gamescarpentry
crime storiesdancingdisco
religionrole playingsinging

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 173

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