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Shukumei_dessy (*sigh*)

Member #48522 created: 2007-06-19 23:39:27Simple URL:   

Name: Shukie


Her feet are kinda messed up... ^-^* And this pose was also stolen from JN, a random sketch of Beth.

Image missing.

Treasury Inventory:
This is my pet: Pax The Black Cat
Adopted from the Giffie-Pet Pound

I do not really use this for role-play. So let us just talk about me. 
With the love, the faults, and the shortness...


I am in school right now and I aspire to be a psychologist.
I love web designing and poetry. 
I used to read a lot but I just got kinda sick of it. 
I adore music. Of all kinds. 
Really, the Arts are pretty much just kick ass.

I am the cutest damn thing that was ever fucking seen. Or I act like it.
I am really not that cute... ^=^* Like, kittens, are way cuter than me. 
So I am somewhere in between kittens and puppies on the cuteness scale thing.

I love photography. Wildlife, people, everything.

I wanna minor in everything. I will become a world renowned psychologist and
I will buy my mum a car and change America's school system, and end world
hunger, and make world peace. Because I just rock like that.

I do very much enjoy conversation. Both silly and serious. 
I am pretty good at solving people's problems. 
But if you just wanna bitch, go right on ahead. 
We all need to just bitch sometimes. ^=^ 
Despite what some people believe...


I am a whiner... Oh boy do I whine. And I am very dead-set in my lack of 
opinions. Do not try to change them. 

I hate haters... if you hate anything, unless it is, like, hateable or 
something, I will hate you... Hell... I think I hate me because I am such a 

I will not speak my mind if you are someone I love. I am sorry. It just does
not happen... unless I do not think it is very important. I am very shy and
try my best to avoid upsetting people... I have avoiding happiness for a 
very long time because of that. 
With It... 
Quit trying to fix me because it is not going to work.

I do not act like it, but I really do have a pretty low self-esteem.
Just. Be warned. If you decide to insult me, I will probably take it
personally and become very depressed and kill myself and it will be all
your fault. 

And quit attacking me! Seriously. I do not need you making me feel bad 
just because I am little and cannot do much for myself yet. I get really
depressed and take it very personally when people point out the fact 
that I cannot take care of myself. That I need someone else to clothe me 
and feed me. I wish I could take care of myself. But I cannot yet. I am 
young and stupid. Quit pointing that out. *cry in a corner*


I am not a shy person. I have no shame. You can ask me anything and I will
tell you the answer straight up. I am not easily embarrassed.

I do not have friends on here... and I love that. I have good friends in
real-life. I do not need some ass across the globe to make me feel needed.

I will not talk about anyone behind their backs in a negative way. Ever. 
I am very loyal like that. I might make up stories with Kt about you if 
you set yourself up for it cough*JM*cough* But I will have no part in gossip.

The number five is orgasmic. 
That being said, I have a strange dislike for any prime numbers (including two). 
However, they seem to complete me. 
(1 [not a prime number], 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, etc)
Really only those few though. I do not care about any of the other ones. 
Occasionally 101. But only if I am stressed.

I am a complete and total germaphobe. 
And hyphen-whore.
And grammar bitch. 
Get used to it 73313515.

<img:> (It is my Fake account)

Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

Exact place of living: A stuffy box

grungenew ageopera

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexchessdancing
poetryrole playingsinging

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: normal

Height: 150

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