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Peace is a lie

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GuideAdventurerCrazy kid

Hmmm...what do i put, lol.
Well I'm me, not sure how to describe myself. You'd be best off gettin to know me really, then you can decide for yourself. But if you really want a quick rundown; I'm caring, loyal and once i get going i'm a bit of a chatterbox, so just tell me to shut up :P.

I now work for a big company in my local town. They do lots of different bits and bobs, so hard to explain lol.
But really love it, so its all good :)

I play football (soccer)every week for fun, and as a good way of keeping fit. Also go out for drinks and clubbing with friends when i can

Age: 25Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 28

Gender: male

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Tewkesbury

Known languages

grungeheavy metalhip hop

Other interests
chasing the preferred sexeatingfilm
watching sportwhisky

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 187

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