12320) Which is the best set of neighbourhood photos?

Number of voters: 145
* a) Nochtur's Edmond, Oklahoma Neighborhood
Number of votes: 22 (15%)
* b) A Florida Rooftop Adventure
Number of votes: 17 (12%)
* c) Snow in the Desert
Number of votes: 53 (37%)
* d) Fall Neighbourhood
Number of votes: 4 (3%)
* e) Pottsville: Mansions, Trees, Cemetaries
Number of votes: 34 (23%)
* f) Seasons change in D. Iosofov Str.
Number of votes: 15 (10%)

2007-10-15 [Darkshadows06]: was hard to vote on loved the cemetarie pics but I just like the Oklahoma one a bit more

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