12798) Which is the best story? (Story Photos Contest)

Number of voters: 150
* a) When I Lost My Teddy Bear!
Number of votes: 21 (14%)
* b) In the end!
Number of votes: 49 (33%)
* c) Danny And His Beloved Elfpack
Number of votes: 80 (53%)

2007-07-04 [emzy]: lol! like the story!

2007-07-06 [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]: i think that the story in the end is so sweet! its all about finding your true love and gaining yourself respect back.

2007-07-08 [.Beautiful dirt.]: its slightly about being an outcast too...

2007-07-10 [hello i am back]: <img:kis-gif.gif> i like it

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