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Have you been banned from Elftown and sent to stay here in Elfpack? Do you want to complain about being unfairly banned from Elftown and hopefully get the ban removed? Here we present to you the Ambassadore exilios, where you can voice your pain, critiques, wishes and complaints! This is not the page to talk about bannings and problems on Elfpack! Talk to the Guards about that.

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Malevolent [Stephen]


If you have been banned from Elftown and you believe it was an unfair ban, then send a private message to Malevolent [Stephen] that says, "I've been banned from Elfltown. My username on Elftown is <insert username here>, please help me." If you do that, then he will look into the matter. Do not leave a message about it on the Guards page, or this wiki's comment box.

Disclaimer: The [Stephen] cannot work magic. He can, however, speak on your behalf and give you advice. If you were legitimately banned from Elftown for breaking rules, then don’t expect him to just magically make [Hedda] listen to him.

(Often times, someone’s IP address will be banned which can suck for innocent Elftowners who happen to use the same computer as someone who isn’t quite so innocent. The simple remedy to this is an anti-ban. Anti-bans are not free to everyone who asks for one. If you want one, request for one in a message to [Stephen] and he will look into it.)


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2006-09-12 [zoloftzantac]: Occasional? Actualy, I get "into" MILFs as often as I can manage :p

2006-09-13 [Larova]: Same here. ^_^

2006-12-30 [=BYE=]: MILF's lol :)

2006-12-30 [Larova]: You laugh, but they're a lot of fun.

2006-12-31 [zoloftzantac]: hells yes they are

2007-01-01 [Alacard]: Indeed

2011-03-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]:

2011-07-31 [Stephen]: Whee. o3o

2013-01-28 [sammie h!]: The [Stephen] doesn't make sense lol x

2013-01-29 [Stephen]: I know, but it's always been there. :3

2013-01-29 [sammie h!]: It should be that ambassador lol. :)

2013-01-29 [Stephen]: Oooh well, think of it for comic purposes.

2013-01-29 [sammie h!]: lol, It's still weard, by the way how many messages do you have? x

2013-01-31 [Stephen]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/15609/1359619857.png>

2013-02-01 [djxmonster]: lololol

2013-02-01 [Stephen]: I'm down to 15 messages now. :D

2013-02-01 [sammie h!]: oh your doing well. :)

2013-02-01 [Stephen]: My fingers are going to fall off from typing. :P

PS: You message me a lot. :P

2013-02-01 [sammie h!]: Oops sorry, ahh, it gives your fingers exercise lol.

2013-02-02 [Stephen]: Psh, more like makes my wrists sore. :P

2013-05-14 [sammie h!]: Ha Ha, I love this badge. :)

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