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2005-05-19 19:59:28
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''This is my sweet bunny Ernest, defender of his Cage and our Livingroom, King of Carrots, Lord of The Big Ear Cult! , Now all, see my pet and worship it's greatness !'' So sais -[Dwemer] , Ernest's bossie ^_^



''Again Ernest, he loves nose contact, and carrots ^_^''


''Ernest's scratch towell, yes sometimes he can be a real naughty piece of bunny!''


''Going out takes it's toll, see here, depressed Ernest!''



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2005-05-23 [Dwemer]: Ernest: *^_^* you have so soft hands!

2005-05-23 [moesbeer]: were back he missed you he likes my school except for my woods class lol

2005-05-23 [moesbeer]: dwemer do u got redfaction?

2005-05-23 [moesbeer]: i think he also likes the girl i like [johndeeregurl]

2005-05-24 [Dwemer]: I bet the does!

2005-05-24 [moesbeer]: *hop hop hop* im back hi all what did i miss

2005-05-24 [moesbeer]: any one there?

2005-05-24 [moesbeer]: any one out there?

2005-05-24 [Dwemer]: Moi!

2005-05-24 [moesbeer]: lol

2005-05-24 [Dwemer]: It sure is!

2005-06-16 [Stephen]: Cute Rabbit.

2005-06-16 [Dwemer]: Thanks ^_^q

2005-06-16 [Stephen]: No problem.

2005-07-26 [FireWing]: I used to have a bunnie of me own. kinda looked like Ernest.

2005-07-26 [Dwemer]: Incarnated ?

2005-07-26 [FireWing]: ? Stray dog got em'.*sniff*

2005-07-26 [Dwemer]: Bad dog!

2005-07-26 [FireWing]: Yes. I got a nother bunnie to replace hi. I still have him *hallelluya* his name is target. Dad came up with the name. He's a know.eeeeck

2005-07-26 [Dwemer]: I hope he's safe 0_o.

2005-07-26 [FireWing]: he is. he stays in the house unless he scratches the door*>.<* then i take him out but i stay with him at all times.

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