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2009-08-24 00:40:12
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Okay, So..I had an idea while I was bored..about what to do when you're bored. I know, amazing isn't it? XD
So this is a place for randomness, writing, role playing, epic pondering, and anything else you want ^^

[Now on to exciting stuffs!]


[You must fight for it! Hahaha. Not really, just ask]

1.You can always submit ideas for another section ^^

2.Invite peoples. Everybody gets bored at some point

3.Don't get bored on the boredom fixer [Or teh Roni will cry v.v]

4.Have fun?


[-shrugs- I loves to write when I'm bored]

From the mind of Roni

Elfpack's Fanfiction's

shadows of life writings


[Put any new ones you make or ones you want people to join ^^]

~Nightlife emerges~

Hogwarts ^^

~Pirates...of the Caribbean~

Techomantic zombies


Epic Ponders[Click on it..go ahead ^^]


?Banners? [If ya wants to, they can be for anything]
Mysterious words in my head

Videos <----Prank Call  <----Singing

And randomness goes on this wiki if you'd like^^

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2009-08-14 [BloodRose]: what?

2009-08-14 [the unseen artist]: nothing....

2009-08-14 [BloodRose]: not nothing..

2009-08-14 [the unseen artist]: im not gonna say it here.... *forces a smile*

2009-08-14 [BloodRose]: ................

2009-08-14 [the unseen artist]: roni... *looks around*

2009-08-16 [BloodRose]: I have a new story XD

2009-08-16 [shadows of life]: I have an new rp.

2009-08-16 [BloodRose]: ohh

2009-08-16 [shadows of life]: yup

2009-08-18 [BloodRose]:


2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: AHHHH

2009-08-18 [BloodRose]: Lol :D

2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: XD

2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: -pokes-

2009-08-18 [BloodRose]: Noooooooooo -dies-

2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: NOOOOOUUU

2009-08-18 [BloodRose]: -stays dead- no more zombie Lindsey Lohan

2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: -heals-

2009-08-18 [BloodRose]: :D Yay

2009-08-18 [shadows of life]: woot

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