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2006-11-23 21:49:07
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Est. 1971

Welcome to FOXHound. FOXHound is a Special Forces Unit that deals with recon, spy and infiltration missions.

  Below are the members.
1. [PVT Pergament] - Big Boss.
2. [Blake R] - Revolver Ocelot.
3. [££-(Max)-££] - Solidus Snake.
4. [69xtomx69] - Solid Snake.
5. [here] - The black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis).
6. [~lilspudly~] - Psycho Mantis.
7. [foxdecano] - Grey Foxx
8. [Leonedus] - The End

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2006-06-20 [69xtomx69]: happy birthday :S random lol

2006-06-20 [Blake R]: lol

2006-06-22 [~lilspudly~]: happy b-day

2006-06-23 [Blake R]: thx

2006-08-30 [foxdecano]: Hey, thanks for letting me join ^.^

2006-08-30 [PVT Pergament]: No problem. Make yourself at home.

2006-08-30 [foxdecano]: it already is :3

2006-08-31 [PVT Pergament]: Awesome. If you can, spread the word and get others to join.

2006-08-31 [~lilspudly~]: hoolio

2006-08-31 [69xtomx69]: gdgd we gt grey fox aswell nw.. welcome to foxhound :D

2006-08-31 [foxdecano]: hihi, thanks ^.^ and i'll spread the word too.

2006-08-31 [Blake R]: hello and welcome to fox hq

2006-09-03 [~lilspudly~]: hmph...

2006-09-10 [69xtomx69]: what's the "hmph" for? lol

2006-09-10 [Blake R]: yea

2006-11-23 [Leonedus]: What, no Liquid? No Raiden, or even Liquid Ocelot (kinda funny)? Where the hell is an Otacon?

2006-11-23 [PVT Pergament]: Yeah, this place has been dead for a while...
Put luckily, you have a good list of names to choose from.

2006-11-23 [Blake R]: the elftown 1 is better

2006-11-23 [PVT Pergament]: No kidding.

2006-11-24 [Blake R]: <img:stuff/shockedemote.gif>lol

2012-02-11 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: <>

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