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Welcome to Fur Haven

Fur haven is a safe place. All Furries and their friends are welcome. Drama is not welcome. Please do not bring it in or we will ask you and your drama to leave



[Darkness Touched]

Ask for Tora [Darkness Touched] or Crystal [Foxyvixen17] to be added to the list of residents

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2012-03-26 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: "I see"

2012-03-26 [VIX]: *Walks into the office, with a mug of coffee "thought youd like a topup on your coffee crystal"

2012-03-26 [Foxyvixen17]: Thank you shade

2012-03-26 [VIX]: smiles "your welcome, is there anything else i can get you"

2013-06-14 [Foxyvixen17]: *she enters her home looking around missing how happy this place used to be*

2013-06-15 [VIX]: *he looks up to her rather bedraggled and a bit tired, he yawns, " welcome home Hun" he says smiling as he climbs to his feet*

2013-06-16 [Foxyvixen17]: *she looks at him as if she shouldnt see anyone around then shakes her head to clear the paranoia*

2013-06-16 [VIX]: *he smiles as he takes her into his arms, " I missed you Hun, where you been?" He says as if he's reassuring her he is still there infront of her *

2013-06-16 [Foxyvixen17]: i've been away becuase of family issues

2013-06-16 [VIX]: Smiles and hugs her.... I'm glad your back now

2013-06-16 [Foxyvixen17]: Everyone else is gone though *her ears droop down in sadness*

2013-06-22 [VIX]: I smile and hug her tightly .... I'm still here ... He says as be kisses her cheek softly

2013-06-23 [Foxyvixen17]: *she sighs softly*

2013-06-26 [VIX]: He smiles - what's up Hun-

2013-06-27 [Foxyvixen17]: just life sucking and being single bites

2013-06-27 [VIX]: -hugs her tightly - well you know Hun, if I were single I'd date you

2013-06-28 [Foxyvixen17]: but your across the ocean so it would be moot

2013-06-28 [VIX]: True true

2013-06-28 [Foxyvixen17]: in just 24 small hours it'll have been a yr since i've had a bf sad really

2013-06-28 [VIX]: Awww Hun, huggles

2015-10-13 [VIX]: walks in sniffing around... dusting off old cobwebs

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