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Name Of Poem: Cheetah

Cheetah You Are The Best
Friend A Girl Could Ever Have
You Could Mkae Me Smile When
Sad Cheetah You Give The
Best Hugs A Girl Could Ever
Ask For Dont Know Why
Your Life Had To End So
Fast And The way It Did
Their Will Be Only One Cheetah.

Name Of The Poem: Love Of A Cat

Love Of A Cat Is All I Had
Till One Day My Loving Cat
Got Hit And Sent Away To
Kitty Cat Heaven Where He
Will No Longer Have To Suffer

Name Of Poem: Summer Is Not Summer

Summer Is Not Summer
With Out Your Best Friend
To Share It With You Summer
Is Not Grand Without Them
To Cuddle To SUmmer Is Just
Not Summer Without Cheetah.

Name Of Poem: Crows Love

Crows Love Is So Pure And
Gentle Like A Candel In The
Wind Crows Love Is All I Need
Its Better Then A Demons Love
Crows Love Is The Best Their
Ever Is And All I Need For
Life Is Crows Love.

Name Of Poem: Life

Life What Is This Thing
Called Life How Does It
Work Why Do We Live And
Die Why Not Just Die And
Not Live Why Does Life
Go On Like It Does Do
We Even Need A Life.

Name Of Poem: Depression

Depression Has Got To
Me Its A Deep Depression
I Am Not Verry Happy For
My Depression Is Worse
Then Before This
Is My Own Depression.

Name Of Poem: Love Is Ok

Love Is Ok At Times
But Not All The Time
Love Can Be Blind And
Some Times Even Hurt
You Do We Really Love
Or Is It Just A Lie
We Will Never
Really Tell About Love.

Name Of Poem: Loved

Loved Is A Great
Feeling To Be Loved Is
To Have The World With
You Being Loved Is Sweet
And Nice I Am Always Loved.

Name Of Poem: Friends

Friends Are Nice To
Have Around They Help
You When You Are Down
Freinds Are Always Their
For You Thats Why Its
Good To Have Friends.

Name Of Poem: Summer Is Back

Summer Is Back Once Again
The Pigeons Are Back Looking
At Me Through My Window
Summer Is Sweet And
Kind But It Brought The
Stalker Pigeons Back I Love
This Beautiful Summer.

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