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My Muscle Car 1975 Chevy Nova

Side view of my Nova, I only paid 500 for it but its a GREAT buy
Front view damn shes going to be mean
It looks alittle rough but I have BIG plans for this little Muscle Car
The interior is going to be black fir
Crate 350
Quadra Crap Carb soon to be replaced by a 650CFM Holly Double Pumper Street Avenger
Side view its going to be Hugger Orange with a Flat Black top and Flat Black Racing Stripes
Im kepping the rims but they're going to have a face lift

/ [Elf_Person]

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2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: omg yay!

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: yay lol

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: -pounces and nuzzles-

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: *nuzzles* i misseded u

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: -nuzzles back- i misseded you mores

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: no ways

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: totally ways

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: no ways

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays =D

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: lol u no rp?

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: i do rp ^^ on the one i was waitin for you to reply though i bet ep isnt tellin me its been commented on -,- totally bugs me........-pounces again-

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: *pounces* slinger

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: eep! -giggles- k i replied sorries i has a ton of wiki's i answer =D

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: you should see alll the ones i have to catch up on OH MY GOD lol

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: omg damn XD

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: yeah

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: -pokes- =D

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: *tickles*

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: eep! -giggles- nooooooooooo ebil ticklin

2009-03-28 [Elf_Person]: would you not like me if i told u somthing

2009-03-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: depends on what it is

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