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2009-07-14 08:07:20
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2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: I am dyslexic knob head

2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: Wot ur a pervy sicko hu stalks girls on da internet u disgust me

2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: Oh so u sendin a pic of ur dick 2 ma ex fiancee is acceptable?

2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: [Tasha//x]

2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: Well its disgustin u dont see me showin pics of ma dick round n id it is 1 of da net dats even worse coz u hav bin lookin 4 pics of dicks off da net u freak of nature

2009-07-14 [Skillz.]: I know why we finished and its between me and natasha

2009-07-16 [Ihsahn]: This has been interesting...

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: U were arguin n gd riddance

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: Erm says da waste boy dat sent a pic of is dick 2 a 15yr old

2009-07-16 [Ihsahn]: now now guys.

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: Im sickened by him surely this is harrassment [Ihsahn]

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: Not wiv pedofiles no u sent a 15yr old girl a pic of ur penis that is wrong n disgustin and u asked her 4 nude pics

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: I know 4 a fact she didnt as i was on da laptop wiv her u seem 2 fink we neva talked in our relationship wen she wudnt send u nude pics u threatened 2 report me 2 the police

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: No it wasnt coz natasha gave u my number i hav an iphone that doesnt receive picture messages

2009-07-16 [Skillz.]: Well i know 4 a fact it wasnt coz my phone dont receive pics ansd she showede clear as day on elfpack

2009-07-16 [Ihsahn]: Ok this is how I see it, if [Skillz.] tells you to gtfo off his wiki then you have to, I don't give a shit about who uploaded what, I just care about keeping the peace

2009-07-16 [Tasha//x]: Comment to: 30816982

2009-08-23 [amanda.lethal:)]: i want to be a member national bikini day thats AMAZING :O

2009-08-23 [Skillz.]: Sure :)

2009-12-22 [Trav]: I'm in. When are we doing this?

2010-01-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: i dont know... but not here it's WAY to cold..... hahah

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