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Because we were all newbies once. :)


Table of Contents

#How Do I Begin?
#I'm Registered, Now What?
#When Can I Play and Where?
#How Do I Get More Togs?
#How Do I Get Better Cards?


How Do I Begin?

So you want to become a Toggery player, eh? Here's a quick guide to save you from getting lost along the way.

First you'll want to check out the game-play rules at Rules of Toggery. This will give you an idea of how the game is played, and what it's about. The game itself is very simple and success is based mostly on luck, so don't get caught up in the rules if you think they seem complicated.

After you've read the game basics, proceed to the Toggery Registration page. Follow the guidelines on the page to get yourself registered as a player and to get your first set of cards. You'll need to pick out your cards from the Starter Group (special rules notwithstanding), so make sure you know what you want before you register. Remember to please be patient while you're waiting to be registered. The Toggery Committee is very busy, and while a polite nudge every now and then is fine, incessant nagging will likely result in your registration being ignored for a while. :P

I'm Registered, Now What?

After going through the registration process, you will have had your first experience with the Toggery card purchase system. Although you will not be purchasing cards with Togs, the request format used during registration is similar to the one used in the Toggery Card Store.

You will also have all three (3) cards required for game play! If you've read the Rules of Toggery you should know, basically, how to play. The only way to really get a handle on it is to play, though!

When Can I Play and Where?

Your first stop should be the Tourney Registration page. Toggery Tournaments are officially sanctioned games that offer Togs and other prizes for participants and winners. Participating in an official Tournament to its completion will award you five (5) Togs. You don't even have to win!

If there is no Tournament currently open for registration, be sure to put the page on watch to be informed of any changes. You can also check out the Exhibition page. Sometimes you can find opponents for a quick unofficial match there. Or you can grab a friend and bring them to the Exhibition page and have a match! There are no prizes or Togs that can be won from exhibition matches, but gloating rights are totally worth it, right? ;)

How Do I Get More Togs?

As mentioned above, participating in a Tournament to its completion will give you five (5) extra Togs in the Tog Bank, but maybe there's no Tournament to participate in. There are still plenty of ways to earn Togs. See How to Earn Togs for an in-depth guide to earning those elusive bits of currency. Be aware that you have to work for them, they don't come easily!

How Do I Get Better Cards?

Start by earning more Togs! If you don't have enough Togs, you can't buy any new cards, and better cards means a better chance to win!

If you decide you want to buy new cards at some point, you must trade one you have for one in the Toggery Card Store. You will be refunded half the price of the card you are trading in, so make sure you know which card you want to trade in! You'll also want to make sure you have enough Togs in the Tog Bank before requesting a new card.

If you need any further help with anything, see Toggery Help!

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2006-08-19 [kittykittykitty]: If people find it hard to understand then we can switch it back, but I think it looks much neater like that :)

What do you mean about the Tournament? People are too lazy to read the rules on entering, or they are too lazy to participate? :P

2006-08-19 [zoloftzantac]: I just mean that from when you first hear about toggery to when you can play in a tournament you have a few steps that you have to wait for, maybe we can cut out a step somewhere

2006-08-19 [kittykittykitty]: You think there is a step that can be cut out? Aren't there only three steps anyway: registering, registering for tournament and buying cards. All of which need to be done and all of which have to be waited for -_-;

I guess the only remedy would be to have more people handling registrations, so they could get done within the same day or something. There are some people at Toggery Card Purchase who have been waiting a long time, though I know that's because staff are busy with the tournament

2006-08-19 [zoloftzantac]: If people requested the to cards they want when the registered then they might be able to get 3 cards at once, it is just an idea ...

2006-08-19 [kittykittykitty]: That could be good :) I'm not sure how it would work, though :/

So you think the registration and card purchase could be combined into one? It would save people from having an single card on their house. That always confuses me :)

2006-08-19 [zoloftzantac]: Who knows, I'm too drunk to care :p ... *snuggels kitty*

2006-08-19 [kittykittykitty]: Ha... OK I forgive you for not caring :) *shnuggles*

You must have had a lot to drink today :) You keep pointing out you're drunk like it's a waiver for you to be forgiven for anything you might say XD Good tactic :P

2006-08-20 [zoloftzantac]: hahaha, that's right :) it was my excuse to snuggle and hump on you ;)

2006-08-20 [kittykittykitty]: Well snuggles need no excuse :D But the humping caught me off-guard

2006-08-20 [zoloftzantac]: I just couldn't help myself ;)

2006-08-21 [kittykittykitty]: ^___^ Ahem... anyway, have you asked if this page be used yet? Is there a message that players are sent when they are first registered, because the link could be added to that (just a suggestion) :)

2006-08-21 [zoloftzantac]: It would be supper easy to do that, i can just change the cut and paste form letter to include a link to this wiki ... but then I won't have any private place to hump, err .. I mean snuggle you :p

2006-08-22 [kittykittykitty]: Heh, well there are lots of wikis that only you and I know about... you can use one of thoses instead XD

2006-09-10 [FireGypsy]: This looks good! May I suggest you send this to [Whim] and see if he would like to have it an official toggery page!

2006-09-10 [kittykittykitty]: Shall do ^_^

2006-09-13 [zoloftzantac]: cool *tries to lure kitty over to some other wiki that only her and I know about*

2006-09-14 [kittykittykitty]: >__________________>; It won't be hard :P There are a few of those *whimpers*

2006-09-16 [zoloftzantac]: "It won't be hard" // You can have it how ever you want it sweet stuff :p

2006-09-16 [kittykittykitty]: Hahaha... o__0"

2011-10-28 [kittykittykitty]: Oooh nice updates to the page :D I love the new template

2011-10-28 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you, thank you. /curtsies

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