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Welcome to the wiki-page about the digital program, PhoXo, by yours truly, Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly.

Note: It is always best to download programs directly from the "home site" of a particular program whenever possible.
Downloading from sites other than the home site, increases your risk of downloading malicious spyware and malware
that can be "piggybacked" with a program and then placed onto your computer AND 'very possibly' without you being
the wiser. PhoXo: (English version)

I have used this digital program, PhoXo*, somewhat. It has a feature where you can add clip art images to your work
that come from and you can add from PhoXo's Clip Art Gallery. However, the program does not offer the capability to
add your own, at least, as of yet. There is an extensive number of attractive frames offered by the program as well that
allows you to frame your work and they can be adjusted to: narrow, normal, and thick. Like the images, you can only
add from the PhoXo Frame Gallery with the exception, you can make and add gradient frames.

PhoXo has tools such as, pattern, stamp, shape, fade, and gradient, offering some cool and unique capabilities.
- The pattern tool offers some cool pattern backgrounds.
- The stamp tool is similar to how Photoshop's shape tool works.
- The shape tool is used with a layer coloured or with an image and the selected shape is "lifted" from the background
  it's applied to, making only the shape itself left "of the background applied to" and the rest is wiped, made transparent.
- The fade tool is unique in that it repeats an image but fades it out behind the image chosen.
- The gradient tool is simplistic in that it creates 'simple' gradients.

Since I'm just in the process of setting up each of the overview pages, I will return to elaborate further about this pro-
gram under: "PhoXo Overview" below.

You can read CNET's review about PhoXo AND you can download it from here as well. (See the link immediately following
this paragraph.) I have used CNET many times for downloading without any problems.

* - Wikipedia doesn't have an article about PhoXo yet. Maybe I'll do a write up for them since I'm a member there.


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PhoXo Overview:

Coming soon!



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