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Q1) What is the Capital City of Scotland?
A Edinburgh
B Glasgow
C Aberdeen

Q2) Why did the Norwegians give up the Shetland Islands to the Scot's?

Q3) What kind of animal is the haggis?
A breed of huntiBg dog
A Sheep
C Wild cat
D Wild haggis
E It is not an animal

Q4) When did monarchs sit on the Stone of Scone in Scotland?
A During a coronation ceremony
B At meal times
C When his/her feet hurt
D In the privy

Q5) What Scottish Isle is famous for colourful, patterned knitwear?

Q6) Arthur's Seat, the main peak of the group of hills which form most of Holyrood Park, is located in which Scottish city?

Q7) It is rumoured that there are two monsters in Scotland, name both of them.

Q8) Primae Noctis means what?

Q9) How many Rabbie Burns monument are in Scoltand, Australia, Canada, England, USA and New Zealand?

Q10) Which Scottish cartoon character sits on a bucket?


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PS: Thanks to [Cerulean Sins] for these questions.


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