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Seventh Sanctum

Hanusetael Collage of Cambridge, is a highly sought after school, for learning the arst, politics, and mathematics, and sciences. For over two hundre years Hanusetael have turned out some of the brightest minds in world, most of the students form other countries. But this only but a front for Hanusetael true objective, it to train the minds of those with power abilities know as true physics’. For what the world doesn’t know is that aoumg them walk shadows, creatures that are nor human or devil, they are not sprites but emotions of hatred and sorrowful. They are begins that have no soul, they only wish to pledge the world into the shadows form which they came, no more is known of them. Yet those who have the abilities of a physic can fight the shadows back into where they came from, Tarterus. The only door open to this place is within that of the grounds of history cloudy and dangerous. And for these reasons is why Hanusetael invites young physics to its lush green campus, to learn all there is to know about physic powers and what they need to do to combat the shadows and protect those unaware of them.

What will your path?

Sanctums Souls
Sanctums Path

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