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2007-05-24 09:02:07
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This Is A Wiki, to defend what is right! All ye who fancy yourselfs Knights, and Paladins! Come forth, and fight, to save our race! This is NOT an RP, this is about upholding A moral code, in a corrupt world!

Kneel, and know,
From this point on,
You live not for yourself,
But for what is right,
Defend the Weak,
And shield the Just,
Do what is right,
And always speak the truth,
Even if it kills you.
This is your oath!
Uphold it always!
And rise, A Knight!

Kneel before me, and I will dub thee... But before there are questions 3.

[Dj Tears]

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2007-05-24 [A.B.A.]: umm... >_> PANCAKES!!!1

2007-05-24 [A.B.A.]: lol yay im a pancake knight!! >_>

2007-05-24 [Paladin]: Not quite...

2007-05-24 [A.B.A.]: so im just a waffle squire? T_T

2007-05-24 [Paladin]: Nope... Let's stick with knight for now...

2007-05-24 [A.B.A.]: aww ok... imma start my own wiki now XD highest rank shall be waffle king!

2007-05-24 [Paladin]: Well, MAYBE...

2007-05-24 [A.B.A.]: aha it is started the anti-penguin federation mwahaha

imma start making a gallery of all the funny stuff i find on 4chan and other places on the interbutt

2007-06-25 [Luna Armonial]: *walks in and sheaths swords, bowing head* hello is everyone this eve?

2007-06-26 [A.B.A.]: lol nothing >_>

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