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The year is 2009, mutant rights have fallen dramaticly, by law they are required to be registered wtih the govermnent but very few if any follow this law. Rivalries are growing ever stronger and normal people are getting more and more restless about the mutant "problem" many have resorted to violence in an effort to eliminate the mutants even when they have done nothing to deserve the violence. Mutant blood flows freely while the government turns a blind eye, some of the mutants which to eradicate the humans, to exterminate them, other mutants however our joining forces with the common people in an effort to prove that they are not all the same and that mutants deserve and need to be treated like the rest of the people.
Peace is something that many fear will never come...So some hide their ability cause they feel its a curse more than a gift those who find it a gift embrace it and show it openly without fear plus deal with other daily issues.

[yes this was a stolen plot from another rp so get over it xD with a mini change xD yes i got bored shut up xD][i stole it from wolvie's the day that never comes xD]


None cause we're all big boys and girls and can handle it so there :p deal with it xD

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2012-11-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt smiled "anytime"

Hyde smiled pulling her close.

Rogue smiled back "ok"

2012-11-15 [wolvie]: James nods and yawns a bit

Nina smiles, "Well hiya sexy man"

Bruce smiles, "Yes now shut up damnit"

2012-11-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt smiled "you should get some rest"

Hyde smiled "Well hey sexy sweetie"

Rogue giggled "Make me?"

2012-11-15 [wolvie]: James nods, "Alright where's my room again?"

Nina smiles back and kisses him, "your the sexy one"

Logan smiles and tickles her

Bruce giggles, "yay for logan defending me sorta"

2012-11-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt smiled "upstairs third door on the right and make sure you go right mine is the third door on the left"

Hyde kissed back running his hands over her hips "not as sexy as you"

Rogue squeaked then giggled madly "no fair"

2012-11-15 [wolvie]: James nods, "Alright thanks" he says getting up and stretching then heads upstairs

Nina shivers lightly, "oooh Hyde"

Logan smiles, "its very fair" he says tickling more

2012-11-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt smiled doing the dishes really quick before heading to bed.

Hyde smiled pressing against her "yea?"

Rogue giggled more "no its not"

2012-11-15 [wolvie]: James curls up in bed

Nina smiles back shivering madly, "mmmmmmm my baby"

Logan smiles and stops, "What?"

2012-11-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: GAckt smiled "sleep tight james" he said then went into his own room getting ready for bed.

Hyde smiled then did things with her.

Rogue smiled catching her breath "oh so evil"

2012-11-17 [wolvie]: James sighs a bit trying to sleep

Nina smiles after, "wow.."

Logan smiles, "I am not"

2012-11-17 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt got into bed turning on the lamp next to his bed pulling out a book to read.

Hyde smiled "wow indeed"

Rogue smiled "are too"

2012-11-20 [wolvie]: James frowns tossing and turning in his bed

Nina smiles, "you are amazing"

Logan smiles back, "So I win?"

Bruce smiles, "yes you do"

2012-11-20 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt smiled as he read.

Hyde smiled "you two darling"

Rogue smiled "No i do"

2012-11-21 [wolvie]: James sighs and sits up going to the window and yawning a bit looking outside with a frown

Nina smiles back then yawns

Bruce smiles, "Nope"

Logan smiles, "well snap"

2012-11-21 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt looked up from his book for a moment then went back to reading.

Hyde smiled "get some rest my dear but first call your dad to make sure its ok"

Rogue giggled "I so do"

2012-11-21 [wolvie]: James sighs a bit frowning, this is hard...this is really hard he thinks frowning more

Nina smiles back, "Ok" she says calling bruce

Bruce smiles, "excuse me" he says and answers his phone, "Hello? oh hey nina" he smiles talking to her

Logan smiles, "So do you live here rogue?"

2012-11-21 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt got up going over to James' room knocking "you ok?"

Hyde smiled cuddling Nina.

Rogue smiled "for right now til my dad gets better then i'll be back at home with him even though its awesome here but he was an amazing dad til the drugs and alcohol got in the way"

2012-11-21 [wolvie]: James jumps a foot and looks over at the door, "uh? oh I'm I'm fine sorry just looking around outside"

Nina smiles talking for a bit then hangs up

Logan smiles back, "I see well I'm sure he'll get better pretty quickly "

2012-11-21 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt "ok just making sure you were ok"

Hyde smiled softly "night dear"

Rogue smiled "I hope so"

2012-11-21 [wolvie]: James, "Yeah I'm ok a little depressed but ok"

Nina smiles back, "goodnight my love"

Logan smiles, "He will I promise and if not I'll kick his ass"

2012-11-21 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Gackt "well if you wanna talk we can"

Hyde smiled cuddling close falling asleep.

Rogue giggled "well thanks"

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