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This wiki focuses around increasing awareness about "Stalking", and more specifically, "Cyber-stalking".
It is currently under construction, but will always be subject to change, as more and more information is obtained.

Come join the group on Facebook: "Cyberstalking Awareness"


In the meanwhile...
Be smart, beware, be vigilant, too,
Because this very well CAN.. happen to YOU!


Greetings - Everyone!

Being a person that has been through two stalking episodes, neither one short-lived, with the second time
around still underway, I developed this very strong desire to turn something negative into something positive;
negative, fruitless energy into positive, empowering energy, in hopes that such would bear fruit of a different
seed, fruit with seeds of knowledge and the gathering and dispensing of, so that others may be spared the
atrocity of being stalked and having their privacy invaded, therefore their lives.

My accounting of my subjugation has begun with Victim_Of_Cyberstalking, which the writing of will take me
a long time to reach the point when I'll be happy with it, for I neither want to lace it with too much emotion nor
do I want it to be void of such either. As well, I do not want it to be spun with threads of ill intent mainly aimed
at the person invading my privacy, because then my goal will then become more of a vendetta rather than of a
mission to address this serious issue, which must always be the main focal point.

I WAS one of those people thinking it couldn't really happen to me, but this was BEFORE I was literally forced
to face a reality I didn't want to face, not only because of the subjugation, but by whom the subjector has thus
turned out to be, a person I respected, trusted, and even admired.

Fortunately for him, I haven't lost all sight of these in him yet, but unfortunate for me, because harbouring
opposing emotions within oneself can seem to only lead to emotional devastation. I detest fruit cake, but I love
to eat strawberry shortcake. Finding myself in this situation is like trying to eat both the strawberry shortcake
and the fruit cake at the same time, loving one, but hating the other. How does one swallow both something
they like and something they detest at the same time? Needless to say, I haven't mastered this feat yet.

Now, on to the main objective here...


What is "Stalking"? What is "Cyberstalking"?


Stalking is the unwanted, unwarranted, continual, repetitious surveillance of another in greater or lesser
degrees for any number of reasons justified 'in the mind' of the perpetrating stalker, but in a "normal" mind,
the act is neither justifiable or reasonable.


"Cyber"-stalking is the act of stalking, but is carried out through the use of technological equipment, such
as with computers and cell phones being the most widely and "easily" used devices. Also note, cyberstalking
can branch out into or also be performed in conjunction with stalking, and as well, stalking can be performed
in conjunction with and broadened into cyberstalking.

See "Cyberstalking-Stalking" for more information.


As can be seen just next below, under "Cyberstalking Main Sub-wiki-pages", I have hopes to cover a wide
scope of topics from the main and initial topic of Stalking/Cyberstalking, to all the possible related aspects,
even if they are a bit more distantly related. I'm a firm believer in that "knowledge IS power" and regardless
to what it pertains.

I'm quite positive there will be aspects I won't think of and I am certainly open to suggestions and more
information.. always. Near the end of "A multitude of thanks" below, I explain about comments and joining
this site and the Facebook group, "Cyberstalking Awareness".


Cyberstalking Main Sub-wiki-pages:

<img:> ~ Cyberstalking (Main/Home-here)
<img:> ~ Cyberstalking-Stalking
<img:> ~ Adaptive_Personality_Defenses
<img:> ~ Behavioural_Tendencies
<img:> ~ Bullying-Mobbing
<img:> ~ Cell-phone_Users_Beware
<img:> ~ Computer_Vulnerabilities
<img:> ~ Cyberstalking_Link_Index
<img:> ~ Guidance_Versus_Forbiddance
<img:> ~ Hacker-Stalker_Toolbox
<img:> ~ Health_Issues_Of_Victims
<img:> ~ Online_Safety-n-Security
<img:> ~ Personality_Disorders
<img:> ~ Sharing-To-Empower_Victim-No-More!
<img:> ~ Support-n-Survival_De-victimizing
<img:> ~ Tech-Knowledgy_IS_Power
<img:> ~ Victimization
<img:> ~ Victimizing_Methods
<img:> ~ Victim_Of_Cyberstalking


A multitude of thanks!

A combined effort of many: taking away the power of the perp! ~ Cyberstalking
To Wikipedia, the Staff and Editors that make this fabulous site possible, and all those that work to continually
add to the wealth of information this website provides to/for the world!

As well, many thanks to ALL the sources and ALL those that have made this information available to share.
Knowledge IS power and by affording knowledge to potential victims, then the playing field between the perps
and the potential victims can become more level, without the criminals only being allowed the upper hand.

In many instances I display direct and exact information as is provided, not to take away from wherever,
or whomever that has provided, but because the information cannot be better stated. My intention with
this topic of Cyberstalking is to increase awareness profoundly, intensely, and deliberately, to inform both
victims and 'potential' victims better in regards to this horrific subjugation, because this is not something
that is going to fade away, but rather increase in the number of cases, if the public isn't better educated
about the despicable and opportunistic beings, lurking and waiting to strike, hiding in the shadows of the
Internet in search of potential victims to serve them as meal-tickets to satisfy their various sadistic hungers
and tastes.

Right along with the "Age of the Internet", Computer_crime is too. As technology improves for the average
computer user, in likeness with a double edged sword, it improves for those seeking to use the World-wide
Web for devious and self-serving agendas as well. Without knowledge, these slithering, slimy, vulturous
individuals can instill fear, paranoia, and hold us captive. However, with knowledge we all can enjoy all the
wonderful facets the Internet provides without having to worry about some unsavory character robbing us
of our right to obtain all the benefits the World-wide Web provides.

Therefore, anywhere and everywhere I am able to find information surrounding and relating to this topic,
I am truly grateful to have and to share with the public and will provide the source of where the information
has been obtained from as much as I possibly can. Anyone with additionally helpful and useful information
in regards to Cyberstalking/Stalking they would like to share also, I would certainly appreciate it.

I will also be adding whatever information and help I can, even if I can only offer my ear, my empathy, my
understanding to another's horrific traumatization, based on my own, first hand, atrocious experience of
being the subject of both stalking and cyberstalking. Not only once have I been targeted, but twice. The first
time involved physical and through the use of my telephone (stalking). The second time and currently I'm still
undergoing this subjugation, is and has been both via my computer and my phone (cyberstalking).

Please note, the comment section below and at the bottom of every page is "open" to allow comments from
both inside and outside this site. Information can be posted and I would also like to hear from others, that
have had the unfortunate experience, the subjugation of being stalked, as I have been also, whether it be
about cyber-stalking, stalking, or both. I understand the significance of and the bit of relief obtained when
sharing a traumatic experience with those that have experienced the same, because you know then, your
audience is within the same caliber of understanding.

Off-topic and/or spam comments shall be deleted, however, because this is a serious topic that needs major
addressing. Therefore frivolity has NO place here. Links placed in the comment section from those that are
not members of Elftown are disabled, but there is always the option to join Elftown here:
                     Membership is free!
Also, you may share them on Facebook here: [@fg:108817515813806]. Everyone is welcome to join!

Thank you everyone! Be informed! ~~> Be safe! ~~> Be happy!
/ Artsie_ladie


Resources => Cyberstalking_Link_Index

A complete list of resource links used throughout this wiki.


More Related Wiki-pages:
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<img:> ~ SHU (Stalker Haters United)
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May God Bless You and Have a "Safe" Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

By [Artsieladie]

All creativity on this site, including but not limited to, the art, writing, poetry, ideas and concepts, etc., created and brought forth
by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly, is therefore owned by and copyrighted to the same, its creator. It may NOT be used, modified,
copied, reproduced, or anything else without my expressed, written permission PER ITEM, including my nearly 11,000 graphics on this site.
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