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2006-11-07 19:37:38
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deamon90002004's new hair
it went red instead of purple


/ [deamon90002004]

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2006-11-12 [deamon90002004]: this isnt a wiki for conversation :P

2006-11-13 [eyelinertears]: so! lol

2006-11-13 [deamon90002004]: so dont treat it like one :P

2006-11-13 [eyelinertears]: lol i'm not talking on it :)

2006-11-13 [deamon90002004]: ok

2006-11-14 [.La Mer Chantante;]: why wud u want purple in ur hair anyway

2006-11-14 [deamon90002004]: cos i like purple :D

2006-11-15 [sugar 123]: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW UR HAIR IS MAD!!! LUVIN IT

2006-11-15 [eyelinertears]: I SEE FRUIT!

2006-11-16 [sexiest pixie ever]: nice i think you look good as a red head but dont listen to me

2006-11-16 [deamon90002004]: it's not all red!

2006-11-17 [~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: wooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!

2006-11-17 [deamon90002004]: what?

2006-11-17 [~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: Purdy!!

2006-11-17 [deamon90002004]: hehe thanks

2006-11-17 [~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: :) not a problem

2006-11-17 [deamon90002004]: hehe

2006-11-23 [Romantic Rebellion]: ure hair was meant to be purple!?!? lol
mine was purple a while ago and a teacher at my skool had a go at me lol but its washed and faded out now lol. ures still looks kewl tho!

2006-11-23 [deamon90002004]: lol ok

2007-11-23 [.CuntNugget.]: Red and purple are my favourite colours, so It's all good to me.
I really dont know why I'm commenting on all of your wikis. Very nice :]

2008-06-11 [Boo Bear]: Very cool =]

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