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welcome to gekkoukan high, a school where many strange things happen.

to enrole go here:
Gekkoukan students

the school is broken into 4 grade levels, represented by a number.
1=freshman. 2=sophmore. 3=junior. 4=senior
each grade level is broken into 6 classes, A-F. these classes are simply a homeroom, the collection of students that you have your major classes with.

deep within the schools basement also lies a portal to another world, through which strange creatures occasionaly come.

school rules:
1) all students must be in uniform during school hours
2) any students with more than 3 tardies will be suspended.
3) students are forbidden from going into the basement

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2009-08-11 [Silverline]: (Oops, sorry,)

Anna watched them

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: Aki smiled. "thats our schools secret." aki scratched his head with the gun

2009-08-11 [BloodRose]: (oh, extremely helpful -.-)

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: "our school is actually a portal to a parrell universe"

2009-08-11 [BloodRose]: Ivy smirks

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: (^^I know) Anna nods "Cool"

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: "except the monsters." aki smiles. "so what do you think anna?" aki points the gun in annas direction

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: Anna raises an eyebrow

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: "oh sorrry" aki puts it in his bag. "its not a real gun"

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: "ok then,"Anna smiles

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: "yea." aki set on the steps. "and jack frost is real as you can tell"

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: Anna nods

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: (g2g. be back tommarow)

2009-08-11 [BloodRose]: "Well, I think I'm leaving the basement now"

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: "ok ivy." (dont go crazy

2009-08-11 [BloodRose]: She walks up the steps.

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: aki looked at anna

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: Anna looked back at him

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: he stood up and held out his hand. "shall we go?"

2009-08-11 [Silverline]: Anna nodded and took his hand

2009-08-11 [the unseen artist]: aki lead her out of the basement. back in the janitors room aki closed and locked the basement door

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