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Jeff-fa-fa Dun-HAM


Jeff-fa-fa Dun-HAM

Jeff Dunham: Peanut, where are we?
Peanut: don't know?
Jeff Dunham: I don't think you know.
Peanut: I forgot.
Jeff Dunham: What?
Peanut: I forgot.
Jeff Dunham: You forgot?
Peanut: Yeah. We go so many damn places, I *forgot*.
[Peanut smiles at the audience; laughter]

Jeff Dunham: Where are we?
Peanut: I DON'T KNOW!
Peanut: Help me out.
Jeff Dunham: What?
Peanut: Help me ou-T.
[Jeff reacts as if he's been spit on]
Peanut: Sorry.

[off Jeff's look, Peanut starts a staring contest]
Peanut: I will never *blink*!
Jeff Dunham: The drive from the valley?
Peanut: Was bad as hell!
Jeff Dunham: Traffic?
Peanut: Sucked like hell!
Jeff Dunham: Drivers?
Peanut: Angry as hell!
Jeff Dunham: And you?
Peanut: Were scared as hell!
Jeff Dunham: Parking?
Peanut: Sucked more like hell!
Jeff Dunham: So?
Peanut: We're in hell!
/ [~Kissed by an Angel~]

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