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2007-02-20 [sxy chava james dee]: any one plz tell me how i can make a pet and make my page look cool pleaseeeee

2007-06-20 [shut up]: HI

2007-06-20 [shut up]: is anybody here

2007-06-20 [shut up]: hello

2007-06-20 [shut up]: HHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-06-20 [Jester]: HI! im here!

2008-06-27 [xXxDarkRosexXx]: one has been here for more than a year...WHEE i can do whatever i want without anyone seeing me....even..masterbate...

2008-06-30 [xXxDarkRosexXx]: ...still going... and no one knows it...

2008-11-11 [xXxDarkRosexXx]: ....and going...and going...and one can tell....

2008-11-13 [Jester]: I can! CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

2008-12-19 [A.B.A.]: damn elfpack as a whole is deserted nowadays...

when i first joined it was huge, now theres like a few thousand people max

_> echoes...

2008-12-30 [Hedda]: There were 6000 active members and now it's 1700. I think the main problem is that the new Elfpackers don't get involved in things.

2009-01-06 [A.B.A.]: lol are 90% of em still from battlecreek michigan?

seriously, it's creepy, every other person is from that city O_o

2009-01-11 [Hedda]: They aren't that many from there. It just seems so as they log in at the same time, I guess. But yes: Some towns tend to have many members and most towns don't have any. Grand Rapids in Michigan is as big as Battle Creek.

Carrollton in Texas visit Elfpack more than GR and BC though. New York has as many visitors as Battle Creek despite being a little bigger... Entire Netherlands has the same amount of visitors too.

Columbus in Ohio is as big as half a Battle Creek (It's just a Battle?) and Denver in Colorado is a little smaller.

After these centers the visitors are more spread out pretty evenly.

2009-01-11 [Hedda]: Carrollton, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek combined visit Elfpack more than entire Canada.

2009-02-24 [xXxDarkRosexXx]: i just lost the game

2009-04-08 [A.B.A.]: goodbye

2009-06-03 [WYSIWYG]: whhhooooo! first message of june in 09!

2009-06-07 [kittykittykitty]: Hurray for you!

2011-07-06 [Stephen]: Hey, I live in Michigan. :)

2011-08-27 [Greg Universe]: I lost the game. D:

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