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Hey you! know the Living Dead Girl [Dead Girl]. Well I decided to make me a wiki and let you join it. If you'd like to be a member leave a comment or me a message and I will make you a member!!


Please add one of the banners below to your page!


Let me know if you wanna join and I shall add you!!

   <img:>  ~*MEMBERS*~ <img:>

1.)[Big Brother]!!!! is Jon.
2.)[forbidden dreams and desires] is Dona.
3.)[bloody wrists and empty promises] is Dona.
4.)[Aarons Girl] is Rachelle.
7.)[FireWing] is James.
9.)[lorric] is Eric.
10.)[~irish love~]
12.)[~*~lovable~*~] is Jordy.
13.)[Dirty Lil Juggalette] is Jess.
14.)[your simplest mistake]
15.)[cpt.jack sparrow24]
16.)[Mi$$ Britain ObscenE.]
18.)[demon of the shaddows] is Damien.
20.)[dead body man]
21.)[black dragon]
22.)[Angel J. Bates]
24.)[WhEn BlOoDy TeArS Go DrY]
26.)[lil_hobbit_gurl] is Tabby
27.)[wicked lette_7]
28.)[Crimson Dragon] is Carl
29.)[On Any Given Night]
33.)[Prince Nightbourne]
34.)[I_LUV_MTP4L] is Deja
35.)[reeses gurl]
39.) [redo11]

Check out my other wiki's that I've made!!

WickedClownz Food Bannerz
WickedClownz Banners
WickedClownz wiki she belongs too
WickedClownz things made for me

Look at these other Wiki's from me friendz!!

<img:>xPinkxLemoNade3x lovers is Rachelle's Wiki
<img:>anti-violence,EP Smiley's,or Firewings Groupiesis Jamezer Wiki
<img:>We Love Battlefield is Jon's Wiki




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[Aarons Girl]: eck that would be how far along are u?

[Dead Girl]: haha im going into my 4th

[Crimson Dragon]: hiya its me again, was checking up and had to add something. also i wanted to say congrats on the bundle of joy that will be coming your way.

[Dead Girl]: aww thanks... hehe

[Dead Girl]: well for the people that read this ill update im farther along then i im hittin 7 months.. so the baby is due in dec.22... im having a girl and were planning on naming her Elizabeth Nicole......... theres an update!!

[Crimson Dragon]: hello again, hows are you liking being a mom? i hope it is turning out to be everything you hoped it would be.

[Dead Girl]: hiya.. yes i do like it.. good thing she is a and im workingfull time also. well talk to you laters!!

[Crimson Dragon]: glad to hear that your enjoying it ^^, happy fpr you that she is a quiet good baby, dont forget some time for yourself lol

[Dead Girl]: lol

[Crimson Dragon]: hey there, is starting to feel like less and less ppl are on the site nemore. what you think?

[Dead Girl]: im starting to i check it bout once a month but that is cause im playin WOW

[Crimson Dragon]: ok. so thats is why you are gone so much lol, i have played that game to i can see the addiction appeal in it although I am a FFXI playing, mostly cause don't have a PC of mine own, i use other peoples lol

[Dead Girl]:

[Crimson Dragon]: how far along are you into that game?

[Dead Girl]: lets just say im 62 and you can only get to 70 till the new exspansion comes

[Crimson Dragon]: oh i see, so you have been on it for while. another person i know that is hooked on that game lol

[Dead Girl]: yeah you need to join

[Crimson Dragon]: lolz
whats what mine other friends said to
though i have no pc of mine own so that is impossible atm

[Dead Girl]: lol when you get one then join!

[Crimson Dragon]: lol ok i will see what i can do
I might actually be getting a comp soon though not sure yet

[Dead Girl]: i sure hope so!! lol

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