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2006-07-12 14:53:40
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people you must...
message me on what your charater has done
are has changed
are what you have rolplayed about!!!!
if anyone doesnt do that they will be kiked out
or blocked
because people are leaving this wiki
because of it and are getting annoyed!!!!

low life RP
you gotta tell me before you put anything in this page pweez people xNO TXT WRITING!

[you can put your own character in too change description a lil and change pik ov character if you want too ^_^]

my characters
mee-mee:- when acted is in bold
Durk:-when acted is in normal
Dale:- [when acted is pink]

Matts characters
Machy:-normal writing
Nevar:-[in pink writing]

Cerys Characters :
Ola/Gregorio - Normal writing
Arianwen - [pink writing]
Georg - Bold writing
Lee - Normal writing

jacobs characters :
archwyn - normal
ryu - [pink writing]

Girls low life characters

boy low life characters

evil low life characters

angel low life characters

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[ILY;;]: ((duno))

[the unseen artist]: ((there is gonna be a huge fight at the church.))



[the unseen artist]: [but i cant get on then]

[ILY;;]: [Im only mena be on then...]

[the unseen artist]: (what)

[ILY;;]: [I dont know this RP has gone down hill i need to sort it out]

[~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: Areana raised her sword "I will knock you out if I have to...there is no way I am leaving you here"

[the unseen artist]: "ok." Machy looked up as the ceiling exploded

[~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: Areana stared up quickly

[the unseen artist]: There angels hovered where the ceiling used to be. "Shina and her left and right hands

[~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: Areana's mouth dropped open, she touched her stomach and said a silent prayer. she hid her fear from machy and held her sword up

[the unseen artist]: Machy lept to the air as 6 angels flew through the hole and the twelve other angels followed his lead. one angel said, "lord machy, we will follow you till our dieing breaths"

[~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: Areana leapt aswell "As will I" she breathed in his ear, within seconds, she summoned a wave of water to go in front of them as a sheild. (I must go ><)

[the unseen artist]: (ahhhhh..... but we just got back in the grove) Machy looked at areana then passed the water sheild and went straight for shina

[ILY;;]: [YEAH! and i need to sort it out Grrrr. -_-;;; No one listerns to me...]

[the unseen artist]: ((meya...))

[ILY;;]: [WHAT! -_-]

[the unseen artist]: ((nothing))

[ILY;;]: ((Good.))

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