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2010-10-18 [skrillex.]: you're gorgeous.

2010-12-07 [KillChasityDead]: Aww.
Thanks. <3

2010-12-13 [kimberly ida.]: Chasity, you are gorgeous!

2010-12-14 [KillChasityDead]: Thanks Kimberly! :D
How have you been doing!?

2010-12-19 [kimberly ida.]: you are welcome :)
welll, crappy now, my boyfriend just dumped me.. because he lost interest in the relationship and we rushed into it, i guess.. :/
what about you?

2010-12-22 [KillChasityDead]: Oh that sucks.
I've been better.
One of my 'best friends' just screwed me over today, but it's whatever.
I'm still livin' life.
I'm almost done with school. Just 2 more months!
Then I'll be doing hair.
I'm pretty excited about that.

I've been partying a lot lately, too.

But, I'm sorry your boyfriend dumped you.
Things will get better!

2011-01-03 [kimberly ida.]: Well, i'm sorry to hear that, i've had that happen before, but me and her are now currently friends again :D
I hope things in that area, work out.
I wish I just had 2 months left!! :/ I have a whole year
Dood, i would love for you to do mine, but we're quite aways away :/
but the whole boyfriend thing, he was worthless, the whole relationship was a joke.. he used me to lose his virginity. :/

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