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Included on this page is a photo of me, with facets about me that matter or have mattered to me greatly.
Also, an extended bio, which pretty much sums me up as a person. It's who I am, period.


Combination of my digital art and photo editing of a photo of me to depict some facets of my life, past and present that have
or do have great relevance and importance to me... by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2012-11-22 All rights reserved.


My extended bio of philosophies, beliefs, etc. on which my values are centered around, because...

“A person without values and principles for which they stand by, is a person without merit.”

Quote by [Faith.Hope.Love], aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©
To read more of quotes I have authored, see: Artsieladie-Quotes.


I worship God; my religion is Love; my hero is my Mom. I am a proud mom of a beautiful daughter and person, who is a United States
Army Servicewoman, am a romantic at heart, am a passionate and emotional person (to be a creative person I have to be since I do
express through and from my emotions and passion fuels my creative drive). I believe anything worth doing is worth giving it your best
or don't bother at all, and just because something seems unlikely or improbable, it doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible and where
there is Love, anything is possible. My weapon of choice is the “truth”. I will seek it and I will speak it, which only becomes problematic
when dealing with people who choose to allow lying and deception as acceptable paths to follow.

I believe...
in Love wholeheartedly!

in trust and respect...
but these must be earned and then not abused or taken for granted; one's “true” value is not what's in their wallet, but what's in their
heart, like the cultivating of values such as trustworthiness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, good ethics and morals, and not
only having principles, but standing by them as well, to name some:

- TRUE success can be/is only achieved when others haven't been used, abused, and dumped along the pathway to
  and including upon its fruition.
- Everyone is a “work in progress” and so, mistakes are imminent, but we learn most through making them but only
  when we are willing to acknowledge them and are accountable for them.
- The representing of one's true self is not through their physical self, but through their character values, heart, and
  mind, which their actions and behaviour paint a true image of.
- Equality for all; rights and freedoms are privileges granted to be respected, protected, and stood up for, both by/for
  ourselves and others.

These are the “real” traits about a person that impress me as well, along with honesty, humility, modesty, compassion, common sense,
intelligence, and uniqueness of self. I like to surround myself and connect with 'positive people' who are REAL, not fake, and who strive
to cultivate and nurture the traits indicative of integrity. The opposite I try to avoid and/or deal with them as little as possible because
I've learned the hard way how toxic people who feed their negative traits can be.

I loathe...
the traits/characteristics: arrogance, egocentricity, jealousy, greed/lust, lying, ostentatiousness, spinelessness, hypocrisy, apathy,
patronizing, stonewalling, indifference, etc., and enough examples to get the picture. All are negative traits and a person who feeds
them is a potentially toxic individual, depending on how much and how many of the negative traits one feeds and perpetuates. A
narcissist and/or a psychopath not only feeds the negatives but hones them.

I have no patience with people who...
- brown nose, butt kiss, and suck up, all for the purpose of seeking favours for self benefit.
- have and apply double standards; apply the rule, "do as I say not as I do".
- are 'cheap talkers': those who say one thing, but do another; those who say they will do something, but don't follow
  through; those who don't “keep their word” period.
- are 'blame shifters': always shifting blame onto another or others; non-accountable.
- are “fence sitters”: spineless, lacking the ability/courage to take a stand and stick to it, but rather alter their stance
  in accordance to and for their own self benefit without regard to whether it's right or wrong, often at the expense of
  others; “flip-floppers”.
- are braggarts and who are always tooting their own horn, telling the world how wonderful and awesome they are.
  Truly awesome people need not to do such because their character of excellence will speak volumes for them.
- are bullies who make fun of, torment, taunt, tease, and intimidate others. These people are cruel, heartless, and
  miserable-with-themselves individuals.
- are FAKES! Such people are shallow and vain and are not happy with their 'real' selves, so they project a fake and
  phony, superficial version of themselves, instead.
- are users and abusers and think/believe they are 'entitled' to do/have/take whatever they want without asking first,
  earning, and with absolutely no regard whatsoever for anyone but themselves; without any regard as to whether it's
  right or wrong, morally and/or criminally by infringing on, imposing on, transgressing against, and violating others
  in the way of emotionally, physically, or financially or all three and then act maliciously should the used and abused
  victim or victims defend themselves and fight back.
- cry foul when the foul they're crying about is their own they've levied onto another or others and has returned back
  to them to give them a taste of their own medicine.
- are silent 'enablers' by saying nothing, doing nothing, about a wrongdoing they're aware of going on. Enablers make
  themselves accomplices to wrongdoings when they remain silent and/or indifferent.

Basically, I am a fair-minded, friendly, outgoing person, easy to communicate and negotiate with, unless:
- one is trying to pull something over on me, expecting of me what they wouldn't do or tolerate themselves.
- one is infringing upon or violating my rights and freedoms.

I try to always better 'myself' rather than try to be someone else whom I am not nor can I even ever be. I make mistakes and have
made many along my journey of life, learning mostly the hard way from them. I'm sure I have many yet to make and learn from,
but I try not to repeat the past ones.

My experiences in life are diversified, negative and positive, some traumatic, some ecstatic, but all are blessings and have contributed
to whom I am today and instilling a desire within me to always try to be a better 'me'. I think for myself and am therefore, not a “blind”
follower. Instead of simply taking the “easy and most traveled” road, I prefer to forge my own path, even if it is more difficult and
makes me unpopular.

Due to having had to deal with a number of narcissistic type people in my life hoping and praying I would fail at everything I attempted
ever to do positive with my life, going as far back as my childhood years, I've cultivated a strong determination to rise above the wishes
of such individuals, if for no other reason than to prove them wrong. There's no better feeling to boost your self esteem than to come out
on top in spite of the obstacles some people relish and deliberately place in your path so they can celebrate should you fail.

I've also learned that those who wish you to fail are the very same type of people who resent those who strive to be the best they can
be because people who want others to fail know they lack integrity and excellence of character themselves, as well as the ambition to
seek such. Through both my positive and negative experiences, in the process I've gained a wealth of knowledge and it is my hope to
share this knowledge with others so others can benefit. My poetry and quotes reflect this very much so.

I'm not hesitant... to “think outside the box”, to push the limits to the max as long as I do not bring harm to others and I stay within the
law, to stand up for what's right, even if or perhaps especially if I'm viewed unfavourably by doing so. I try to expect the maximum of
myself, while the minimum of others, thus inducing less disappointment with both myself and others. I try not to sweat the small stuff,
but violate me, my core rights, and my integrity I have “earned”, and one will be met with a force to be reckoned with most definitely.
It's not about revenge or even close, but about the rightful defending and protection of oneself, one's self esteem, respect, and “earned”
integrity and no one else has the right to strip anyone of any of these. One can also expect the same should they do likewise against
those who are dear to my heart.

I believe there is good and evil in everyone, but the choice of that which we aspire for or not, choose to feed and nurture or starve, lies
within ourselves, for we are all also given “free will”, the choice to pursue, be, and exhibit the positive within us or the negative. If we
feed the positive traits within us and starve the negative ones, our character will reflect this, showing we have integrity. On the other
hand, if we feed the negative traits and starve the positive ones, our character will reflect this as well, showing we lack integrity.

Karma is retaliatory. Good begets good and evil begets evil; love and all it encompasses begets the same and hatred begets hatred. I
also believe that anyone can change their course of direction, if they harbour the will, the desire within themselves to do so, first and
foremost for themselves, because one must be able to respect and care about thyself before one can do likewise with/towards others,
and so, I believe that people do deserve second chances to rectify mistakes, bad choices, and decisions made and thus the chance to
change their course of life into a more positive and better direction.

Ultimately, we all have pluses and minuses, weaknesses and strengths. If we each concentrate on studying to learn ourselves, so we
may recognise and hence know the difference between, we can then know which to feed and which to starve, if our desire is to be the
best possible version of ourselves and we can also then accept we are not perfect, but rather, we are each a “work in progress” to learn
how to sustain and maximize our strengths (the positives) and minimise our weaknesses (the negatives).

Life is a continual, ongoing learning and growing process. When we realise our mistakes are learning tools to teach us, to remind us we
are human and therefore, fallible, we are then kept humble, so we don't become egocentric and arrogant. It's important we maintain
humbleness so when we are successful with an endeavor we've pursued, we then boost our self confidence without it turning into and
becoming arrogance. Humility is likely the most important trait to cultivate because it keeps our ego from becoming too powerful and
gaining control of our character. If our ego gains control and becomes the driving force behind our character, we will become more
receptive to allowing the negative traits to dominate our character, thus robbing us of being the best version of ourselves we can be,
and therefore, robbing us also of our greatest potential.

To read poetry I've written, please drop by:


To read quotes I've authored, please drop by:




Graphics/art created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:



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May God Bless You and Have a Great Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

By Artsieladie

All creativity on this page is copyrighted to Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly, aka [Faith.Hope.Love], unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved.

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