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Written about Wednesday 2010-03-03
Written: (4715 days ago)

they come and they go
but when i dont get them out
then i will lose them

shall this love be the same?
when will he see
she hates him
they werent meant to be

Dont you love how that works?
when you think you have the one?
well its how life is
keep her close

Listen To Your HEart!!!

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Written about Friday 2010-02-26
Written: (4719 days ago)

Its been forever
and i cant seem to bring my self to understand
im in love with him
and i cant face the fact he hates me

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Written about Tuesday 2008-11-25
Written: (5178 days ago)

i wish that i could let go of the one that i truly love. but sometimes that is one of the hardest things to do right now. he has been with me for the longest time and i dont want him to let go of me and the memorise that we share i love him with all my heart and i dont know wut to do


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