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Beautifuly Poetic (Don't like me? Okay fine FUCK YOU! )

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Name: Lizzie Barbee




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Yeah i know that you guys dont konw alot about myself so i think that im ganna go ahead and tell you.
well i moved from Cali When i was 9 years old and i lived in Massachusetts for 5 years of my life. and just resently i moved back to Cali to live with my mom.I have alot of friends there. there are a few people i would love to mention Mary, George and Isaac they all have there own way of making me laugh and they are just fun people to talk to. i love them, Oh i almost forgot there is this kid {he willl be a new addition to the group} his name is Vaughn i was with him for 8 months and he is funny he has his own way of doing things him self. that is the run down on my life.. if u want to know anything eles then just ask. Well let's see iwrite poems I'm an amazi g friend and I can tell u this much not many people like to listen to what I have to tell them

Poems by my Ex boyfriend


I Promise
I have seen brighter days,<br>
and I have seen darker too,<br>
but the real sun never shined,<br>
as when I haven't yet met you <br>
all what I need now, is your love<br>
to breathe my day,survive the night<br>
I need you, more than words can tell<br>
for without you, I see heaven as hell<br>
my love, for that I challenge you<br>
to love me, just as much as I do,.<br>
cuz I said I need you,& I need you still<br>
let me reach your life,& your heart I'll fullfill <br>
* I Promise* (title) <br>

I Love You!<br>
Whether it's right or wrong,<br>
There's no word that can define.<br>
Like the stars need the night sky,<br>
For you I'd step upon the line.<br>
They can have their universe,<br>
Let me stay and mend your scars<br>
The world isn't perfect without you,<br>
Sweetie, it's all written in the stars.<br>
And Angel you know...
From the bottom of my heart...<br>
I propose to you this simple song,<br>
Give you a reason to smile each day,<br>
Living a life, where nothing goes wrong.<br>
This song consists of only three words...<br>
It defines every part of the word "true".<br>
Can you guess this song sweetheart?<br>
It's called... <br>
I Love You.<br>
*title* (of course its)....... (I Love you)<br>

Look check this out
im not someone to hide and keep my walls up
ask me anything
and i will answer

Cold and alone
She hugs her knees
"when will he be mine?"
She lays down

Sleeping and dreaming
She wakes up crying
"why do we dream?"
She sits up

Gazing and thinking
She wonders off
"There all unwanted memories"
She smiles

Smiling and singing
She falls down
"I can't pretend anymore"
She stops

Cold and alone
She hugs her knees
"he'll never be mine"
She looks up

Standing and staring
He holds out roses
"you are my angel"
He kisses her

Amazed and happy
They hold each other
"your mine forever"
They fall asleep

Alone and depressed
She awakens from a dream
"I knew it wasn't real"

Awakening from one more dream
he holds his pillow tight
holding back the urge to scream
with what he has left of his might

He cant help thinking about her
his mind in a dreamland
she is so the perfect rocker
how he longs for a touch of her hand

one day it will be
even if he waits forever
one day just wait n see
n they will be separated never

he knows she loves him so
n he too loves her in return
this passion he will never let go
n for this love he will continue to yearn

Longing for his love
she holds back running away
she loves him
ans he loves her

Holding back her urge
she hugs her pillow tight
i need him
i want him

she looks down and sees a rose
the dream was real?
she picks it up
and it fades to dust

the rose he gave her turned to ash?
his desire wasn't strong enough?
a fade away from one small blast?
prove it once more again he must....

hell try and try
to prove this feeling
until the day he dies
if shes still willing...

hell break the very bones in his body
to make her understand
he won't even go potty:D
just to show her hes her man

if it takes till the end of time
hell do it anyway
"just to make her mine"
"I'm sure ill find a way"

staring at the rose
she picks up a petal
"it never turned"
his love is strong enough

she smiles
placing it on her heart
and bites her lip
and looks down

standing up she looks at the bed
seeing a rose
she picks it up
it smells sweet

sweet like candy
she places it in water
she turns to see him

he holds her close
a slight waltz is created
there movement slows
as there love is illuminated

bright lights surround them
rose pedals dance
colors of about ten
blend into a trance

their hearts have become one
this passion destine to be true
their loneliness abandoned
as he fell in love with you...

hes tells her he loves her
the feeling now known mutual
their pasts now a rough blur
both of them have left there woe...

Their love now a great
they both have left their rapture
this could only have come as fate
they live happily ever after:)

as they stare into each others eyes
she places her hands on his face
she kisses him with such passion
there love is as one

there hearts beat the same
as if it is one
she holds him close
and he the same

she hears his heart
and smiles
playing with his hair
she glances at him

Age: 21Year of birth: 1993Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-California

Exact place of living: In His Arms <3

Known languages

Favorite URL:

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes


Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 168

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