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A Ritualists Journey Main Characters

[All pictures below were done on photo shop by me, so please, if you wish to use them in your own wiki, ask me first]
A Ritualists Journey

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Weapon:Daggers, Sword, and Poison darts
Race:Human Ranger
Personality:Luna is a smart ass most of the time, she has a habit of making a bad first impression on people.
History:Luna was abandoned as a child, she was taken in by a family of Human Rangers, and they taught her everything she knows to this day. Luna later finds out the Rayne is like her great great great grandmother later on.

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Age:Over 1000, she looks to be in her 20's
Weapon:A staff that can summon spirits of the undead
Personality:Kind to those she meets, but harsh towards Luna and Sonya
History:Her memory of her past before her last battle with Enimiga is a bit sketchy, out of nowhere she will remember, and she is always in the mood to tell of her past. Rayne dose not know that Luna descended from her, and neither dose Luna

Screen Name:[Temporally played by][Sonya Blue][ask her if you wish to play this character]
Weapon:Daggers, Staff
Personality:Shy, Stays silent most of the time, Nobody knows why.
History:She has what some would call a troubled history. She was abused as a child, she unwillingly killed her older sister, and has been on her own since she was 14. Sonya used to have other friends and a love, but something happened where she doesn't remember anything about any of them anymore. Sonya soon finds out that before she lost her memory of her past the she actually gave it up. An old lady came to her and told her that she could take away the evil spirit inside of her, and she could make her a powerful Ritualist, but this all came with a price. The woman told Sonya that she would have to forget her friends, her love and her past in order to forever be rid of the evil spirit inside of her. When the old lady cast her spell on Sonya, Sonya's red eyes turned to a deep blue, which told the woman the the spirit was gone for good. Now Sonya wishes to know of her past, she often travels ahead of her friends Rayne and Luna when she feels that she has been in a certain place before, hoping that someone will remember her.

Screen Name:[Sonya Blue]
Weapons:Bow and Arrow
Race:Elven Ranger
Personality:Rude, has a sick sense of humor.
History:Epic has been on her own since before she could remember. She was once hired to protect the princess of a now fallen elven kingdom. When she was no longer needed to protect the princess, so Epic faked her death and began her search to find Sonya and Luna so she could do what ever she could to protect them from Enimiga. Epic Remembers nothing of her older brother Leigeion. The reason for it is unknown.

Screen Name:[Fallen dreams]
Weapons:Bow and Arrow and a sword
Race:Elven Ranger
Personality:Rude, Serious all of the time
History:He is Epics older brother. He knows that Epic won't remember him when he finds her, but he wants her to know the story of how they became so far from each other. What happened that separated them was they were on the run. Leigeion put Epic into hiding and went off to fight the ones that were after them. When he went to retrieve her she was gone

Screen Name:[temporarily played by] [Sonya Blue][send her a message if you want to play Akira]
Personality:Rude, A cold blooded killer
History:She is one of Enimiga's protectors, She has sworn that she would give her life to make sure Enimiga's dreams are fulfilled. She only uses her magic as a last resort

Screen Name: [MadHatress]
Age: Over 1000, looks to be in his late 20's
Weapons: Sword, Daggers
Race: Necromancer
Personality: A Rude, cold blooded killer
History: Nobody was ever sure as to where he came from, there was a rumor that he was created from the darkness that was formed in the world

Screen Name:[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
Weapons:Sword, Animal Companions
Race:Human Beast master
Personality:Sweet, Kind, Cold when it comes to a fight
History:She is a neutral character, she fights for who ever will pay her the most money, she has a reason for this, she refuses to tell anyone of it.

Screen Name:[Kaos101]
Race:Human Warrior
Personality:Serious but kind hearted towards his close friends
History:Xifer is a loyal follower of Enimiga. But it always seed like he never wanted any part of hurting anyone, he really wants out of Enimiga's grasp so he can follow Rayne and Stop Enimiga

Name: Ineso Jokemu
Screen Name: [DragonicTunes]
Age: 23
Weapons: Hidden knives
Race: Elementalist
Personality: Though Ineso is caring by nature, past events have made him cold and bitter towards the human race, he joined sides with Enimigma in order to take revenge on humanity for the hatred and prosecution they show his kind. Most of his more advanced abilities revolve around earth magic.
History: [I'll think of something later...]


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