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A Ritualists Journey RP Room
A Ritualists Journey

Rayne's Spirits-[Sonya Blue]-under construction
Enigima's Spirits-[MadHatress]- Complete
Raja's beasts-[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]-complete
Tsarus's Undead - [DragonicTunes] - Complete

[if you are a Beast Master, Ritualist or a Necromancer, I would be ever so grateful if you would make a wiki listing some of your Animals, Spirits or Zombie things, what their names are and what they can do, an example would basically be mine]

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2008-04-29 [MadHatress]: Enimiga sighed and sat on a hard wood chair, sighing comfortably. "What do you do for entertainment?"

2008-04-29 [DragonicTunes]: Nala shrugged lightly "Torment other people, I'm not home much cause it's boring..."

2008-04-29 [MadHatress]: He smirked. "I guess there are somethings that are yet to change in the Millenia I've been Idle"

2008-04-29 [DragonicTunes]: "Indeed, I'm sure people are the same as they've always been too. Most don't expect a person like me to be a tormenter, but that just makes it more fun...."

2008-05-02 [Wally :(]: Maharajah sniffs the air and says to himself
"unusual scent. maybe time for a little fun"

2008-05-10 [DragonicTunes]: ((Psst, where'd everybody go?))

2008-05-10 [MadHatress]: ((idk....didn't get the comment notice.))
Enimiga nodded still slightly captivated by how advanced her home looked compared to a 1,000 years ago.

2008-05-10 [DragonicTunes]: ((Well everyone else flat out dissapeared, specially Angel v_v...))
She smiled a little and went to th kitchen to find something to eat

2008-05-10 [MadHatress]: ((figures...))
He sighed and sat on the floor.

2008-05-12 [Shikamaru101 PK]: (Why make a RolePlay and then just quit it?)(Seems like you two are the only ones who ever type anything!)

2008-05-12 [Shikamaru101 PK]: (Rikki you should have never sent me to find Angel LOL)

2008-05-12 [DragonicTunes]: ((Well I'm bummed, I make awesome characters like Tsarus and Ineso and I don't get to do anything with them, this is why I don't join so many of Angel's rps anymore))

2008-05-13 [MadHatress]: ((same....))

2008-05-13 [DragonicTunes]: ((You two live over there, can't one of you give Angel a kick in the ass? Or get her to hand over her characters or something?))

2008-05-14 [MadHatress]: ((I kick her ass all the time...she's just...blech

2008-05-14 [DragonicTunes]: ((v_v Lame...))

2008-05-17 [Wally :(]: ((i wish people would rp with me...i ussually rp with myself lol...not very fun.
gets boring...thats why im probably done with all of angels one ever rps with me in them...))

2008-05-17 [DragonicTunes]: ((Well you haven't really done anything...))

2008-05-17 [Wally :(]: ((i usually type something every day...its just hard to jump into something if no one interacts with me. ive tried jumping right into something but everyone just goes on with what they were doing without me in it...than i tried waiting for someone to interact with my characters and was if anyone wants my chacter in this rp...u can have it))

2008-05-17 [DragonicTunes]: ((v_v Whatever...))

2008-05-17 [Wally :(]: ((alright than...dont believe me im only telling the truth...
but im out.

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