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1.No Cybering
2.Keep cursing to a minimum please
3.No Godmoding
4.No Flamming
5.You are not invincible you CAN Die
6.If you die, you must either make a new character or must be friendly with a Ritualist in order to be revived.
7.Ask me if you want a main character, don't just take them
8.if you ask for a main character, and i don't answer you, don't continue to ask me
9.Do not ask me to join if you are making a custom character.
10.Be creative please.
11.You must state if you are a friend of Rayne, or a follower of Enimiga!

Races Avalible

1.)Necromancer-[They have the power to create and summon Zombie type beings, Most Necromancers are followers of Necro Enimiga. A Necromancer Is usually dressed in Gothic type armor ]

2.)Ritualist-[Most are born blind, the reason for this is unknown, the ones who are not blind are normally not as powerful as a blind one. It is said that a blind Ritualist can see better than any human or elf. They usually wear scarves over their eyes in order to hide the unusual white color. They wear very revealing armor most of the time
a Ritualist uses Ashes to summon spirits of the dead to aid them in a battle

3.)Human Ranger-[They are considered a protector of the woods, you don't wear much armor because they are good at hiding themselves in their surroundings. You never know when you are being watched by a Ranger until you feel the stinging of an poisoned arrow in your skin.]

4.)Elven Ranger-[Much like a Human Ranger, except they are alot better at hiding and they don't use poisons to kill their opponets]

5.)Beast Master-[They dedicate their lives to training wild beasts to fight with/for them. Most are very respected. They don't work for free, and most will work for who ever pays more money.]

6.)Elementalist-[With the elements as their ultimate weapon, Most are feared, Elementalists are a new race, and are feared by most people. They tend to wear bright colors most of the time]

7.)Human Warrior-[Brutally Strong, is usually seen wearing full body armor and carrying a long sword]

8.)Elven Warrior-[Not as strong as a Human Warrior, but still very strong, they are more cunning and sly than a human warrior as well]

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2007-11-06 [MadHatress]: so what, exactly, is a ritualist capable of...?

2007-11-06 [Sonya Blue]: A ritualist is capable of summoning spirit type things to fight for them, sometimes by dropping the ashes of a dead person to call them forward, or they use spiritual magic to cause their enemy harm...

2007-11-06 [MadHatress]: awesome...I'll have to try and remember that

2007-11-06 [Sonya Blue]: lmao, okay then

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