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2008-09-04 21:59:23
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Akasha's Sanctuary



The year is 3051, the Milky Way has shattered
and re-pieced himself in a less than organized manner.
The planets have shifted, Earth shattered herself because
of human influence, and each planet and piece float in
space that used to be an organized Universe. Technology
still exists, experts in many things managed to survive.
It's become a very Darwinistic society where you fight for yourself
but there are groups that have formed.

The object of this RP is to survive every obstacle I throw at you. If you would like to state that you are with a certain group that is fine. More than likely the groups will be formed by the beginning RP. I, [Product of a Primal Urge], will have two characters to keep the story moving along. There will be a sort of good versus evil but I will not except Godmodding, not even from me. If someone goes on a killing rampage of the characters without permission their comments will be ignored and eventually erased.

I make the rules, I head the RP, not to sound like a bitch, but what I say, goes.

[Characters and RPers]
*I will add your name and make you're character a link for you to place a profile on*

-copy and use, a picture is always welcome-

[Product of a Primal Urge]: Ellehiem and Gaibrel (to keep the story moving!)

[Molly Louise]: Ashnarox

[AnimeSiren]: Ichijin

[My Own Darc Nightmare]: Eoririn

[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Lunette and Kazuki

[MadHatress]:  Nandaio

Coven Lands--->the RP thread


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2008-09-03 [AnimeSiren]: You bloody wanker hobag! Let me tare you mangina off.

2008-09-03 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: o.0

2008-09-03 [Product of a Primal Urge]: *laughs* Oh ichi, can't you two just get along? And're the only guy here ^.^

2008-09-03 [Product of a Primal Urge]:


Do not get too far ahead in the RP, if you find the page is between you and one other person, stop!

This RP isn't meant to be fast and there will be situations I'll pause and give you time to think about.

You can talk strategies out on this page. This is supposed to be complex!

If I don't think its working, I'll let you know to go on and just RP like normal. 

2008-09-03 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: *puts up two thumbs*You've got it Boss.

2008-09-03 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: *salutes boss man..woman*

2008-09-03 [MadHatress]: dude...nice, lol I usually RP with all girls anyhow. (easier to be 'graphic')
alrighty, sounds like a plan!

2008-09-04 [Product of a Primal Urge]: haha, I'm sure Darc is okay with everything, he's used to hanging with the girls. ^.^

2008-09-04 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: ...yeah...I'm drowning in a sea of estrogen! hehe, totally kidding. when are you putting up your profile Deg?

2008-09-04 [MadHatress]: oh, yeah I need to do that. I've got to figure out how I'm going to use the pic and stuff....:/

2008-09-05 [AnimeSiren]: Darcy poo we get along rightttt? We always have...hhheheheh.

2008-09-05 [AnimeSiren]: yay Eoririn is an assasin, I think he and Ichijin will get along!

2008-09-05 [My Own Darc Nightmare]: Yay! doesnt he have a kickass name too! *pokes Mefs nose* sure dollface. I love you.

2008-09-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: okay, looks like everyone is set, you all can rp when you're ready.

2008-09-05 [AnimeSiren]: Yay! Love you too!

2008-09-15 [Product of a Primal Urge]: I should be on a little more this week, ive just been really busy.

2008-09-16 [MadHatress]: it's alright...people have lives.

2008-09-16 [AnimeSiren]: Indeed.

2008-10-07 [AnimeSiren]: *singing* Darcy poo your name rymes with Snarky Poo

2008-10-27 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: *watches all of you, staying silent.*

2008-10-29 [AnimeSiren]: Welp Darcy Poo wont be on, makes me sad *pout*

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