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Anime Crazed


Made by me [Pandora♥xcore]

Welcome to Anime Crazed! This is the ulitimate anime and manga wiki on Elfpack, where you can view anime, read manga, compete in contests, and just about anything else!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, don't hesitate to message me! [Pandora♥xcore]

Just add yourself, no need to ask
Our Members:

1. [Pandora♥xcore] Owner and creator
2. [My Sky's The Limit] *flails arms* ANIME LOVER FOR LIFE!
4. [Blood Red Sandman] AS IF I COULND'T LOVE ANIME/MANGA!!!!!!!! IT THE BEST THING JAPAN HAS EVER CREATED, besides raman. Eating raman and watching/reading anime/manga....... that's the life....
5.[kyraawr] I love anime.
6.[Fake smiles and Bittersweet kisses] anime and jrock junkie
7.[Knights Queen]whole room full of anime i love it
8.[Sieg Heil!!.PK] Lucky number 7. Go me. X3 Otakus shall rule the world.
9.[Amaranthine]- Anime is my way of life.
10.[---{Sir Bitch}---] I love anime. There's just no better way of saying it.
11.[Mataza_71191]*bows to a giant manga book*
12. [d o n e] I love Anime. <3333 :DD
13. [Link -- Hero in Green] I'll join. ;) I'm not a huge fan but Its okay.
14.[Wolf Star]- I just love it.
15.[comfyshoes]-can't and don't want to live without it!
16. [Jayr] when you grow up watching it, you get hooked
17. [Dreamdemon**] if it werent for anime id die of bordom.
18. [countdown] anime...wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19. [ILY;;] I Am Not A Total Anime Freak *Shifty eyes* No Seriously *Sniggers* ANIME OMFG!!! AH!
20: [Kai - Chan] ...AnimeIsMyLife  How can my mum say its baby-ish? pfft. I'll love all anime until im dead! XD
22: [Kalisie Kilik] ANIME ROCKS!!
23: [*Selphie*] The art is cool.....
24: [Sonya Blue]
25: [(Kishu);] i was named after anime! so awesome!
26: [soo_almighty] yes, i'm addicted, but at least i aint hiding it *loves anime*
27: [Monster Master] I thought I joined! But, anywho.. I love anime!
28: [*Suicidal Cupcake*] - ZOMG, I remember the first anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon, I've loved it ever sinse. Even to the point of staying up all night to watch it. :P
29: [Greg Universe] Hetalia is awesome. Just sayin'. <3

So what's here on Anime Crazed?

Anime Crazed's Anime Page
Here you can view a growing list of anime!

Anime Crazed's Manga Page
Here you can view a growing list of manga! Please be patient, it will take time for me to scan and upload each volume.

Anime Crazed's FanFiction Page
Post all of your fan fiction here!

Anime Crazed's Cosplay Contest
Compete in a cosplay contest! Ends when I think when I think we have enough entries or if it drags on to long.

Anime Crazed's Art Contest
Art contest that happens every other month.

Anime Crazed's Anime Videos
Here you can post your anime videos or watch others!

Anime Crazed's Recipe Page
Use these recipes to try and make some of your own Japanese food!

Anime Crazed's Banners
Our club banners. Please add one to your page or wiki page to promote out club! Please feel free to add some as well.

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2007-06-17 [Elf_Person]: im gettin a PT Crusier YAY

2007-06-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: oh wow

2007-06-18 [System message]: but there wierd looking cars

2007-06-18 [Pandora♥xcore]: ya, I still like my sports cars ^^

2007-06-18 [System message]: ok, evry one has a fav. car

2007-06-19 [Elf_Person]: i had a sports car TT_TT but it was stolen

2007-06-20 [System message]: thats horribel

2007-06-20 [Elf_Person]: i know, IM GETTIN A 53 Year Old Truck YAYS

2007-06-20 [System message]: nice, chevy?

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: FORD

2007-06-21 [System message]: wow

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: yup, ima bout to buy a Fiat Spider

2007-06-21 [System message]: ok

2007-06-21 [Elf_Person]: my house is gunna look like a car lot

2007-06-21 [System message]: lol

2007-11-23 [MatsuoKumiko]:


2008-03-04 [Kalisie Kilik]: Holy shit, its been forever since ive been here, XD

2008-03-20 [Pandora♥xcore]: omg me too lol

2008-03-21 [Blood Red Sandman]: ...

2008-03-25 [Uzumaki Naruto]: Hi there is a new wiki called Naruto Gaiden. Please check it out if you want.

2008-04-02 [Pandora♥xcore]: will do

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