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2007-02-21 18:17:29
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Chain Gang of Elfpack

John Felix Anthony Cena
DOB: April 23, 1977


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2007-01-31 [Dirtydawg™]: nope, shes with CM Punk, Cena is "seeing" trinity... did u know rebecca is dating K-fed...

2007-01-31 [tears of blood]: wtf is up with that...well what can i say ...italians go well together ! ;)

2007-02-01 [♥. SAM .♥]: no... k-fed isnt wit rebecca !! && cena isnt wit "trinity"

2007-02-01 [Dirtydawg™]: im a officel member of OWW i get to know anything. and its not offical but cena and trinity have been on dates together, they're not a THING yet

2007-02-02 [tears of blood]: lol i hope she get hurt so they cant be together then

2007-02-02 [Dirtydawg™]: wow maci some one wanting him all to herself???????

2007-02-04 [♥. SAM .♥]: w/e... that guy is MINE

2007-02-17 [tears of blood]: no if i had my choice id be with one of the hardy brothers or like carlito or someone like that

2007-02-17 [Dirtydawg™]: speaking of which NEW WIKI!!!! Hardy Boyz ~NEEDS MEMBERS~

2007-02-21 [tears of blood]: hell yeah add me!!!!!

2007-03-10 [♥. SAM .♥]: ME 2!

2007-03-12 [Dirtydawg™]: add your selfs its easy

2007-03-14 [tears of blood]: i did

2007-03-15 [Dirtydawg™]: ok then...

2007-03-16 [tears of blood]: so whats up?

2007-03-17 [Dirtydawg™]: nothing really

2007-03-17 [Dirtydawg™]: ok so convo starter what will happen first cena & HBK loose the tag titles or WM23

2007-03-20 [♥. SAM .♥]: idk..its gonna be { crazzy }

2007-03-24 [tears of blood]: wm23

2007-06-05 [Taken.By. A .Sweetie.]: how do you join?

2007-06-06 [Dirtydawg™]: go to chain gang members up top and add urself the the list

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