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It's My World Scorn's Army

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Username: [Cerulean Sins]
Character name:Wicked Lady
Age: 1000
Gender: Female
Race: Mutant
Sexual like: Bi
Job: Second in command
Power: Superhuman physical attributes, Telepathy, Telekinesis ,Animation and control of non-living materials,Flame manipulation, Ability to drain the life force of others, Reality warping and Extensive magical knowledge and powers.
Personality: Cold, heartless, evil. She sees anyone that isn't full, part or half vampire to be nothing but a pest.Sadistic, cold and heartless (at times).Vain, brutal, ambitious, loyal, athletic, single-minded, boastful, frustrated. She loves seducing men. She toys with them until they are no longer any fun. Then she discards them as quickly as she got them. She is a persistent person who always gets what – and who – she wants.
History: Wicked Lady is a mutant, she was born 1000 years ago. When she turned 16 she killed her parents because her father and mother abused her then she travelled around the world. As she grew older she soon noticed her powers then she used her powers and killed anyone that got in her way. When she turned 350 years old, she came across Scorn and never left his side.
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