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It's My World Titan's Army

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Username: [Cerulean Sins]
Character name: Sage Blackheart
Age: 300
Sexual like: Straight
Race: Vampire
Job: Third in command of the Vampire Army of Titan
Power: Mind control, super strength, super speed, night vision, super hearing and healing.
Personality:She's a bitch.Sadistic, and cold,she liked killing, and like to cause others pain but she is very discreet mind manipulator.
History: Sage got turned by her commander, Kole, when she turned 23. So she is forever frozen at 23 years old. She joined Titan's army and worked her way up the ranks to prove herself as a worthy solider because this war was the only thing that kept sane and focused on living. 50 years ago she got stab in the heart by Titan with a iron knife (wood kills vamps) and locked in a coffin for the past 50 years and she doesn't know why her master, Titan, did that to her.
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Username: [GlassCasket]
Character name: Cliff Fittir
Age: 550 (Maintains the look around 25-30)
Gender: Male
Sexual like: Straight
Race: Half Demon
Job: Second in command in Titan's army. Also Titan's top adviser.
Power: Cliff's main ability is his extensive control of lightning. He can discharge bolts, create weapons, or even transform his body into lightning to be able to move faster than most known beings. Due to some experience He has demonic strength and can endure near-death experiences and extensive damage due to wounds or weather.
Personality: He is much more merciful to other creatures than anyone else in the army, he is also very confident. Not much of a leader but he follows orders well and can remain confident in any situation. He is very much an optimist. He is also very outgoing and headstrong so he pretty much never gives up until he is dead.
History: Cliff was a member of The Order. The Order was a secret cult that was not very big but it was very effective in it's specialty. The Order was a secret group of supernatural assassins who took down public figures in secrecy. Cliff was the main go-to-guy when i did not matter if he was seen or not. Because of his association with The Order and his blunt way of assassinating, he was always seen when on the job. This made him public enemy number one for several years until the current crisis. Until this time he was not able to go out in public. The Order's home-base was discovered and raided by a rival group of assassins of far less prestige but the guerrilla tactics and low-blow warfare left very few survivors, Cliff being one of three.
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