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Greetings! Welcome to the Elfpack-Christmas-Poetry-Competition, entries' page.

Please, feel free in the comment section to:
<img:> Ask questions about the contests.
<img:> Spark and/or join in the conversation!
<img:> Be respectful of others, please.


Rules and Deadline:

Simple! See: Elfpack-Christmas-Competitions#Rules
<img:> Theme: Christmas/Yule!
<img:> Deadline (extended): 2014-01-20


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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


Christmas Poetry Entries:

Please post your entry like this example:

number your entry - "title"
(your poem)
Written by (your username)

Display example:
0. - "Christmas Eve"
Christmas Eve is the time of year,
When folks spread good will and cheer!
Gifts to give and some to receive,
A magical time is Christmas Eve!
Written by [Faith.Hope.Love]

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