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Stylesheets by [~*spawn*~]

Pink & Blue
High Contrast

No preview


No preview

Dark Purple
Gay pride
Red, White & Black
Pink & Orange
Green & White
Drunken Elfpack!

No preview

(Only works in IE,

The Elftown Stylesheet

The old grey stylesheet:

Here are the HTML Color codes for the grey, purple and shroomish styles.



To use one of these stylesheets, see How to Intigrate Other Stylesheets.

To submit your own stylesheet, upload it to EP and copy the URL. You may need to have your Privs upgraded, so just ask. Using screencaptures, make a 100 x 100 preview. Then, stick it up here!


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2006-06-01 [Sabrina Catherine]: Because, it's the way you personally wanna see the site as. No all people want the one I have, the purple back ground with green and blue elswhere.

2006-06-01 [eyes of frost]: That ish why Rachel wants to be a custodian!!!!

2006-06-01 [unknown????]: hmm well shouldnt it be just like be shown when you click on a certain persons house? like i made mine pink and blue so if someone clicked on ym house thats what theyd see?

2006-06-02 [zoloftzantac]: nope, only you will see your style sheet, pick it for yourself ;)

2006-06-07 [Romantic Rebellion]: yeh i rekon that other people should be able to see ure style sheet wen they visit ure house

2006-06-08 [zoloftzantac]: nope, the idea is to allow you to set up EP the way you like it, not to make ever single house or wiki page differant from everyone one

2006-07-04 [kittykittykitty]: Aaargh >_< That drunken stylesheet is eeevil!

2006-09-24 [Sami Liz.]: woah I can't see a thing with the drunken one!!!

2006-11-04 [Mental Terrorist]: OMG! how do you do that!? Do you think you could do a full out Western Horse theme? i mean..that would be So awesome if you could...i dont know what you would want for it though

2006-11-04 [Mental Terrorist]: nevermind

2006-11-23 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: Is there anyway I can make the stylesheet stuff/grwh5.css
work on Mozilla Firefox?

2006-12-29 [------]: whoa man, this is fuckin weird. i wonder how you make your own, cuz if i could do that it'd be so kewl

2006-12-29 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: you can make your own its at

2006-12-29 [Big Brother]: well that is actually the code for ET for here it is

and you can alter it all you want and upload it somewhere and there you go. and if you can't upload find someone who can upload files to here and ask.

2006-12-30 [XxSinister MorphineXx]: yes that's what I meant. Sorry about that. Long day at work.

2007-02-28 [------]: o ok kewl!

2010-07-24 [WASHACKED]: Can we not use the ones on here?

2013-02-04 [sammie h!]: Update lol x

2013-03-04 [kittykittykitty]: Dead images make me sad :( *shakes fist at people not uploading to EP back in 2006*

2013-03-16 [sammie h!]: How about putting up?

2013-03-18 [kittykittykitty]: Go ahead! Some of these stylesheets are pretty broken though, so the page is gonna need a full update at some point.

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