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An official Elfpack Page.


Best Wiki Award
January 2005

Welcome to Elfpack's Official E-Zine!

This is the new and improved magazine for Elfpack, bringing you the latest in reviews, comics art and much more.


EPI Blog and Updates

We will be adding some new sections that will change frequently. Anyone whom is seriously interested and at least somewhat talented can contact me at EPI - Dear Editor with questions, comments, ideas, and what not.

- [Orestez]

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For you who work with EP Independent or are thinking about contributing, have a read on EPI HOWTO.

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2011-08-21 [Stephen]: =D

2011-12-03 [sammie h!]: Not editable by forum

2011-12-03 [kittykittykitty]: It's not meant to be editable by the cult. EPI is editable by EPI members only. It's the same with most of the features on the site.

2011-12-03 [Stephen]: xD
I asked Sammie to message me about pages she can't edit.

Kitty's right though -- most features are tied to a forum unless the feature boss changes it to the Cult. :)

2011-12-04 [Orestez]: All EPI page will remain EPI forum locked.

I want no one to edit these pages unless I specifically give them permission and projects to maintain.

2011-12-04 [sammie h!]: Ok then, no worries :)

2011-12-04 [Morgoth]: Why you gotta state it like a challenge, Ore?

2011-12-04 [Orestez]: It's not a challenge. I haven't decided what precisely I want to do with this and who I want to work on it yet.

2011-12-04 [Morgoth]: I dunno... it sure sounds like a challenge to me...

2011-12-05 [Stephen]: I would be at least mildly impressed if you got into the EPI Forum to edit pages legit, Morty. Using priv 49 to do it would be lame.

(Not that I'm at ALL saying you should, seriously. I'd just be impressed if you got into a forum with no links to it around. Don't try to though.)

2011-12-05 [Morgoth]: Ol' forum 51?

To get in, I would just need to go to the members page of a forum I own, put my username in the Add Member box, then change the forum value from whatever to -51 and click to add myself. It works for getting into Elftown's guard and council related wikis! :D

2011-12-06 [Stephen]: I'm sure they're thrilled on that.. :P

You should tell Hedda that, if you haven't already. I'm also surprised you haven't managed to sneak into our Guard forum, unless you have and I just haven't noticed yet. =P

2011-12-06 [Morgoth]: I let [Hedda] know via a post in Elftown's Guard2 forum. I don't think they were too thrilled about that, but I believe I made my point.

2011-12-06 [Stephen]: I don't think the people in Elftown are ever too thrilled about anything you do, it seems. :P

2011-12-06 [Morgoth]: I know, right? Weird...

2011-12-06 [Stephen]: They're just haters.

2011-12-06 [Morgoth]: Aw, [Hedda] finally got around to fixing the forum bug... :(

2011-12-06 [Stephen]: Haha. :3

2011-12-06 [sammie h!]: Did he???

2012-05-03 [sammie h!]: Boo everyone x

2014-07-26 [DeniseK]: Well thereyar

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